The danger from transformers and EMFs

Gerry, you'll be happy to know your story was in the Nor'wester today (this weeks' paper) I wasn't able to use any of the pictures, although I don't know why, but anyway, your message got out again. I included your contact information as well.

Here is the story for you:

A Powerful Connection, Says Gerald Higgins

If you have listened to VOCM Open Line show within the past few years, or read anything regarding electo-magnetic fields, you have probably heard the name Gerald Higgins.

Gerald, who resides in Norris Arm, Newfoundland, has made it his personal passion to advise the public on the shocking facts he has discovered regarding the dangers of electo-magnetic fields (EMFS) that surround us every day. EMFs are invisible lines of force that surround all powerline distribution systems, electrical devices and wiring. They can also be found in mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc.

In 2005 Gerald's wife, Margaret Higgins, died from cancer at the age of 45. He believes strongly that the power lines that ran over his house, plus the transformer that was located 11 feet away, caused her cancer and subsequent death. His fight to have this possibility recognized by others began around the time his wife was diagnosed.

Mr. Higgins is not alone in his fears that much of the cancer found in our society is caused by electrical magnetic fields. There have been many debates and studies done which have substantial findings on this issue. Mr. Higgins has been trying to get an independent study carried out in Newfoundland, but has yet to see the fruits of his labour. Recently the matter has been taken up by the NLFM and the Town of Burin is supporting Mr. Higgins by putting a resolution on the table to have an independent study carried out.

Mr. Higgins carried out an informal study himself a year or so ago, and contacted each community in Newfoundland to ascertain how many cancer patients/victims lived near EMF producing transformers. Every single community (of the 90 that responded) reported the same thing - the highest percentage of people afflicted with the disease were living right next to transformers. This, according to Mr. Higgins, is enough to warrant a study by an impartial source.

Don Maisch of Emfacts has also done much research on the topic. His findings coincide with those of Mr. Higgins and others, that electrical magnetic fields (EMFs) are life threatening when located near residential housing.

In a statement Mr. Maisch wrote on the subject recently, he states, "Exposure to EMFs at levels implicated with ill health effects can arise from living in close proximity to transmission lines (roughly under 60 meters) or unbalanced street powerlines, electric currents running on metal water piping in homes and offices, office work stations adjacent to major electrical equipment as well as sources within the home, such as having a bed head close to a meter box on a bedroom wall." Other studies done on this topic and their findings also point to the possibility of the dangers of transformers and other electrical devices located in close proximity to residences. In many cases, these devices can easily be relocated to a safer location.

Mr. Higgins himself requested that the power lines hanging over his house be relocated a safe distance away and, after several requests, the lines were moved farther away. Mr. Higgins has a wealth of information on hand that he has collected over the years and he has no signs of stopping until he can see something positive come out of all this, that being an independent study done on the effects of EMFs and the link to cancer and other deadly diseases.

Gerry Higgins welcomes any new information you may have on this subject, or if you would like a copy of some of his findings. You can reach him at his home by calling (709) 653-2152 or emailing him at gerryhiggins50 @hotmail.com.

Marlene Burton

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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