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Could electronic radiation make you ill?


The Microwave Syndrome - Le Syndrome des Micro-Ondes



This is very good but quite disturbing as it confirms what I have suspected for a very long time which is that mobile use causes aggressive & violent behaviour in large numbers of people. The reports of violence in my regional paper the Argus have grown and grown and grown recently. I am not exaggerating when I say that at least a third of the items in current Argus issues are to do with violent crimes. Today there was a feature about 60 schoolkids who had organised a mass fight via their mobiles. Lots turned up and the police stopped it but it still would have happened otherwise.


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The extreme danger that the world's population faces from electro magnetic radiation

Dear Mr Weatherall

I should just like to make a comment on Repacholi and on myself.

I met Repacholi a few times in WHO. It is certainly true that he was not convinced of the dangers of EMF. His expertise is in classic ionising radiation - and he did a good job in WHO promulgating the Internationally accepted standards for radiation protection.

As a cancer epidemiologist, who seems to have got on your distribution list because I directed some studies of EMF which showed significant hazards from high dose occupational exposure and poor wiring in homes, I require good evidence before I recommend action at a national or provincial level, though I endorse the precautionary principle, and have urged its application with regard to pesticide exposure. I am adamantly opposed to the citing of schools and homes within 50 meters of a power line. I also worry about transformers too near a home. I agree that the latest study on mobile phones, though negative overall, does suggest an excess risk of brain cancer on the side mobile phone users normally use. However, this does need confirmation from other studies, as a single study is not definitive. As an example in my own research career, we published, about 25 years ago, the results of study that suggested an excess risk of bladder cancer in men, but not in women, from saccharin use. This seemed to be compatible with some experiments in animals, and led to a great deal of dicussion with Health Canada and in the US. However, a second, larger study that I directed in Canada did not find any indication of excess risk of bladder cancer from artificial sweetener use, nor did an even larger study of bladder cancer in the United States.

So I worry when you distribute unbuttressed claims for major hazards from an ex-employee of a telecommunications company (I believe that was where he worked) which seemed to be producing the most extravagant claims of hazard.


Anthony B Miller, MD, FRCP
Professor Emeritus, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto

Dear Prof. Miller

Thank you for your message. As a victim who also knows many other victims of electro magnetic radiation, I find it easier to comment on the problem than most academics. I have not been able to live in my own home for more than two years because of microwave and radiofrequency exposure. I developed prostate cancer during the time I was being exposed to high levels of EMR, I suffer the effects from EMR virtually each day and I try to assist others who are suffering. My Father and Step Mother lived with massive electrical distribution lines running over their back yard (twenty meters away from the bedroom) in England and they both died of stomach tumours. They should have been warned of the dangers they faced and I should have been warned and helped when I reported my situation to the government

The worst situation involving EMFs Electrical Fields and EMR exposure is that the people who should be warning us, the WHO and our Governments are not doing their job. From your message, I do not think that you realize the extreme danger that the world's population faces from electro magnetic radiation. If you did, I am sure that you would also be trying your best to raise the alarm.

There are masses of very strong evidence of health harm being caused by EMR, yet it is virtually ignored by the WHO and Health Canada. I believe that in time, Rapacholi may be found to have indirectly hurt and killed a massive number of people by his failure to warn and to protect innocent citizens of the world.

Because of your studies, you must ask yourself, how many people have "poor wiring" in their homes and are becoming sick every day because the government has never bothered to advise Canadians about the danger you identified years ago? I know for a fact that inspectors from the Electrical Safety Association do not carry gauss meters and other meters to detect EMFs and high frequencies on home wiring systems. I also still see big housing developments being built on either side of large electrical distribution lines, even today.

I wish that your colleagues would conduct meaningful research on the amount of harm that is occurring to people who live near to powerful antennas and other strong sources of electro magnetic radiation in Canada. I cannot understand why the academics of Canada are not reading the strong and extensive research and evidence of health harm from EMR, and why they are not giving very strong warnings of the danger to the public. Universities of Canada (with the exception of Lakehead) are failing to notice what is probably the most dangerous environmental problem that we have ever faced, overexposure to electro magnetic radiation. Your colleagues are failing to see the 'big picture' while they are engrossed in their 'own worlds'.

In closing I wish to thank you for the important studies that you did on powerlines, showing the dangers of EMFs and also for supporting the precautionary principal. I believe that if you did the same research today you would find considerably worse dangers because powerlines and house wiring appear to be acting as giant antennas and delivering strong amounts of broadcasted radiofrequency and microwave energy.


Martin Weatherall
L.S.A.F.(Left School At Fifteen)




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