Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette



This is a brilliant book, must read for every expert and consumer, please read it and distribute it far far, very far, because in the past I read that the companies managed to "depopulate" the copies of this book in Germany and in Barnes and Nobles...The author died of a brain tumor and sued Motorola where he was awarded best engineer, his lawyer died of brain tumor, too. His book exposes many of Motorola secrets.

At the time, back in 2003, Robert Kane sent me this as his website: http://emfbioeffects.org/

Excellent and rare info you cannot get anywhere else.

Iris Atzmon.

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I'd like to pass it on as much as possible, since it is the best book about mobile phones and for sure the industry knows why it is so hard to get hold on. But now it is available as PDF and can be easily passed on through the internet. ;-)

[ http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/cellular_telephone_russian_roulette.pdf ]


"All beings despite humans know the main purpose of life is to enjoy it." (Samuel Butler - 1835 -1902)


About a book you shouldn't miss...

Had been stumbling quite a few times about a book from Robert C. Kane, "Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette" and read the German translation "mysteriously" vanished from the stores the day it was announced.

Robert C. Kane has worked as top developer over 30 years inside the telecommunication industry (Motorola). He holds a BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Hardly someone to deny in deep knowledge on the matter.

The book isn't available at most large online bookstores, it says quite some times:

Availability: Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this title will be in stock again. Not that I am very surprised...

A well written online review of "Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette":

"This is a kamikaze book, and would, if it got the attention it deserved, eviscerate the cell phone industry. If I were Robert C. Kane, I'd hire a bodyguard. The men behind the megabucks being raked in by the wireless industry can't be happy about a book like this. In lucid, readable, decisive prose, Kane, an industry insider, systematically dismantles the wireless industry's pretense of product safety. There is no pussyfooting around here about how there "may" be health concerns, as the February issue of Consumer Reports puts it. Kane starts right in on page one by stating, "Talking on a cellular phone can be likened to holding a microwave oven to one's head." Check out the last two chapters, "Public Deception I" and "Public Deception II", and the quotes from Carl Sagan and Ayn Rand. Powerful stuff. And then throw away your cell phone."

And throw your microwave oven away while you are at it, it's only until you have a meter to check you think those beasts are shielded perfectly, in reality they radiate tens of thousands of uW/m2. Have tested more then a dozen, no matter if brand new or old, they radiate like crazy! In addition to destroying the food and making you ill.

You have to do some searching to get your hands on the book, got mine with luck used locally. ;-)



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Wed Jul 9, 2008 7:01 am (PDT)

Details of Robert C Kane's case against Motorola, a sad story:


On Second-Hand RF Radiation

Possible Deleterious Effects of Physiologically Significant Radiation Pressure Exposures

A Possible Association Between Fetal/neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Microwave oven info


Grüne wollen umfassende Aufklärung der Krebsfälle von Mittelstenahe

Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007, 12.24 Uhr

Im Zusammenhang mit der hohen Zahl von Krebsfällen in der Gemeinde Mittelstenahe haben die Grünen des Kreistages Cuxhaven eine umfassende Aufklärung gefordert. Experten vermuten, dass Strahlen von Richtfunkmasten die Krankheiten ausgelöst haben. "Solange der Verdacht besteht, dass die Funkstrahlen gesundheitsschädlich sind, muss auch eine vorübergehende Stilllegung der Richtfunktürme erwogen werden", sagen die Grünen. Um die Gesundheit der Bürger zu schützen, fordern sie eine Überprüfung der Richtfunkstrecken im Landkreis Cuxhaven. Dabei gehe es vor allem um Türme, die baugleich mit dem Funkturm in Mittelstenahe bei Bad Bederkesa seien. Dort sind von 260 Einwohnern mehr als 30 an verschiedenen Krebsarten erkrankt. In dem Dorf treffen die Strahlen von drei Richtfunktürme aufeinander. Unterstützt werden die Grünen vom Bürgermeister der Gemeinde Bramstedt bei Hagen. Hier hatten Anwohner vor zwei Jahren erfolglos gegen den Bau eines Richtfunkturms protestiert. "Wir haben zwar nicht direkt Angst, aber es geht immerhin um die Gesundheit unserer Bürger", so der Gemeindevertreter. Nach Angaben der Kreisverwaltung soll jetzt zunächst die Stärke der elektromagnetischen Strahlen am Richtfunkturm in Mittelstenahe gemessen werden.


Krebserkrankungen im Bereich der Samtgemeinde

Nachricht von Pesché Jeannot


Krebsfälle in der Region Cuxhaven



Dr David Kelly: The Conspiracy Files

BBC 2 Investigates

Rowena Thursby and MP Norman Baker and their investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly.


From Information Clearing House


Mobile Headache


Please circulate

With kind regards

Sarah Dacre MSc ACIB
London, UK

Informant: Eileen O'Connor


Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril



This is a potentially devastating phenomenon for agriculture (food) and biodiversity, and whilst presented as new, goes back some years, and is in many other countries.

It was featured in the UK's Independent and BBC radio today:

It's interesting that the interpretation of the bees left in the hive being so diseased is immuno-suppression.

Now this is interesting: if Nitric Oxide Synthase [ http://omega.twoday.net/search?q=Nitric+Oxide+Synthase ] is affected by EMF in mammals, maybe it is in insects too? Because this is one of the really big trails: NO plays so many vital roles, and affects many regulatory systems, including the immune system. Then I turned up this:

Impairment of olfactory discrimination by blockade of GABA and nitric oxide activity in the honey bee antennal lobes.

Behav Neurosci. 2000 Jun;114(3):514-25

* Hosler JS,
* Buxton KL,
* Smith BH.

Department of Entomology, The Ohio State University, Columbus 43210-1220, USA.

Honey bees readily associate an odor with sucrose reinforcement, and the response generalizes to other odors as a function of structural similarity to the conditioned odor. Recent studies have shown that a portion of odor memory is consolidated in the antennal lobes (AL), where first-order synaptic processing of sensory information takes place. The AL and/or the sensory afferents that project into them show staining patterns for the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, which catalyzes the release of the gaseous transmitter nitric oxide (NO). The results show that pharmacological blockade of NO release impairs olfactory discrimination only when release is blocked before conditioning. Blockade of GABAergic transmission disrupts discrimination of similar but not dissimilar odorants, and does so when the block occurs before condition or before testing. These results show that GABA and NO regulate the specificity of associative olfactory memory in the AL.

I must dig deeper later!


Informant: Martin Weatherall


"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years left to live." - Albert Einstein

At Cornell Univ. honeybees in a hive relocated into a new building became disoriented. After extensive research ruled out other causes, someone noticed the hive was next to the building's electric transformer. The bees were confused by 60 hz magnetism strong enough to interfere with homing and communication to gather nectar and pollen.


From Alfonso Balmori

In a recent study carried out with bees in Germany, only few irradiated bees (with DECT) returned to the beehive and required more time to reach the hive. The weight of honeycombs is also smaller in the bees that were irradiated.

Stever H, Kuhn J, Otten C, Wunder B, Harst W. Verhaltensanderung unter elektromagnetischer Exposition.Pilotstudie. Institut für mathematik. Arbeitsgruppe. Bildungsinformatik. Universität Koblenz-Landau; 2005.

See also

http://www.mikrowellensmog.info/bienen.html web
from Dr. Ferdinand Ruzicka, Doz University.




Firstenberg, A. 1997: Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution. Cellular Phone Taskforce. Brooklyn, NY 11210.

With best regards

Alfonso Balmori. Spain


The effects of EMR are being felt by wildlife and the environment as a whole, Birds, bees, worms, trees are all being affected. We need to fight for not only the future of mankind but for the future of the whole environment.

Vienna physicians are displaying information posters in doctor's surgeries. They state radiation from mobile phones is far from being harmless as they have been told by the cell phone companies. They have therefore, in order to act responsibly, the Chamber of Doctors in Vienna, Austria, has decided to inform people about potential medical risks.


His findings, and subsequent related work by Dr Cyril Smith (Smith and Baker, 1982), seem relevant also to the earlier and more generally accepted studies on bees and homing pigeons, both of which are known to have receptors which are able to sense the Earth's magnetic field and its variations, which they use to help direct their survival behavior. My own extraordinary first experience of complete disorientation below the lines may also be relevant; I had never experienced this before, though I have done so since, most notably after I had held up a fluorescent tube for over an hour, to be photographed under the lines; the next day, after a distressingly sleepless night, I found what looked like a burn on that shoulder.


Our cheap transistor radios can pick up and separate out hundreds of radio signals at levels of a few hundreds of microvolts/metre. More sophisticated communications receivers can work down to levels of about 10 microvolts/metre. Radio-astronomers work on informational signals from stars at less than 1 microvolt/metre - this is a power level of about 0.000 000 000 001 microwatt/cm2 (1 attowatt/cm2 !!). We can now detect and create pictures from signals from spacecraft at our outer planets using transmit powers similar to those use by mobile phones of a few watts!

Honeybees have been shown to be sensitive to magnetic flux differences of 1 nanotesla (10 microGauss) [4][Theoretically humans could also be sensitive down to less than this level (pineal thermal noise c. 0.24 nanotesla - Smith, 1985). Various sea creatures can detect voltage gradients of a few 10's of microvolts/metre.

Biological stochastic resonance from regular pulsing EMFs can effectively amplify coherent signals (like power EMFs) by vast amounts.

What arrogant nonsense to suggest that living systems need to be "cooked" before they realize they are being bombarded by signals and that microwaves of 100 volts/metre are harmless to us. http://members.aol.com/gotemf/emf/animals.htm

Honey bees navigate by observing changes as small as 0.6% in the Earth's magnetic field (2.5 mG out of 400 mG). Other studies have shown that other animals, such as sea turtles and homing pigeons, can navigate using the Earth's magnetic field as a guide. In order to navigate to precision, it is necessary to have many magnetosomes with a permanent dipole moment which are able to maintain their direction in the Earth's magnetic field while being buffeted by Brownian thermal fluctuations.

V.3. Animals: Honey bees follow B fields (Walker/Bitterman, J. Comp. Physiol. 157, 67-73, 1995, and Science 265, 95, 1994) down to a few mG DC accuracy and sea turtles turn when B varies at earth's locations (Science 264, 661 (1994). [DH: Note that detection of DC fields is not detection of AC fields, and it certainly is not cancer promotion. The honey bees are insensitive to AC fields. See introduction and Sec. VIII., Bibliography for more data on animals.]

42. "Honeybees Can Be Trained to Respond to Very Small Changes in Geomagnetic Field Intensity," M.M. Walker and M.E. Bitterman, J. Exp. Biology 145, 489-494 (1989). (A)

Art Kab

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"


EMF frequencies or microwave frequencies are overriding normal control mechanisms in the body and shutting off energy production

As concerns the pineal, the role of calcium in general and the role of crystals within the pineal gland reveal some interesting points. As in radio and other transmitters, crystals act to convert certain discrete frequencies into electrical signals. Before we had all of the electro-pollution, animals could simply orient themselves to the earths electromagnetic signature. Additionally animals could store into memory at a subconscious level the discrete signatures of subtle variations in electromagnetic signalling from various regions. This would explain the highly specific nature of migratory behaviour seen in certain animals. What has not been appreciated is the ability which has probably evolved over time to see, complex patterns that are generated from the earth's electromagnetic signature.

So not only do animals have the ability to sense electromagnetic patterns but they also may see them in great detail. I will use an analogue. Imagine if someone told you the eye senses light. Well that is a very interesting observation. However you know from your own personal observation that you are accustomed to seeing whole patterns and the patterns themselves have personal meaning for you. The brain does translate these simple appearing signals and if you will extracts the information contained in them.

Another question would be what might be another effect of a piezoelectric device. Well animals might have the ability to see the difference that is produced by seasonal variations in the earth's magnetic fields that initiate for instance hibernation. What does that mean? In colder weather animals make a switch from a high metabolic rate based on generating electricity when food is abundant to a slower metabolic rate when the weather is cooler. One difference is the amount of light but also in cooler environments the relative amount of electromagnetic radiation goes up. This effect is seen with superconductors when they reach incredibly low temperatures they become more efficient as conductors.

So the pineal is a switch, much like a motion detector, that response to signalling. In evolution the signalling was kind of constant so that the signals made sense. However in this environment people are going into instant states if you will of hibernation. What does that mean? Well generally a hibernating animal is in a state of sleep and have shut down the generation of electrical activity. Their muscles become weak, Thyroid and gonadal hormone levels drop. The blood becomes a little thicker.

So the pineal acts as a electromagnetic sensor that regulates electrical generation in the body. It is a highly efficient device, The pineal functions as a electromagnetic thermostat if you will that regulates, total body charge in the organism.

The ability to oversee electrical energy generation from a single point is extremely important. Secondarily shutting off the pineal has a profound effect on calcium metabolism in the body as a whole. Blocking calcium entry tends to decrease energy and electrical activity on the cellular and organ level.

It is a pretty straight forward proposition. One has down regulated energy production and electrical signalling in the body. No wonder individuals cannot function.

It is important to see the overall principle. EMF frequencies or microwave frequencies are overriding normal control mechanisms in the body and shutting off energy production.

Another correlation is the effect of EMF on the weather patterns. So global warming could simply be another manifestation of the increased EMF in the atmosphere. This was suggested by the French findings on Next up. If you put superheated air above the upper stratosphere and above the jet stream it will tend to settle. This can be demonstrated with a simple model, that canbe could be made by a high school student. The dropping of the jet stream will have an overall effect on weather patterns. Also since the earth is a large semiconductor it still has a finite capacity to store charge. If one cannot dissipate charge from the atmosphere then it will have an overall effect in the production of weather patterns. One will see an increase in the generation of storms, and other phenomena related to increase charge in the atmosphere. Thus there would be an increase not only in global warming but an attempt to neutralize charge production through rain.

This accelerant affect may be part of the explanation for some of the increased storms and flooding that have been witnessed in semi-tropical regions of the world. You have to use your god given common sense to sense if this is real. These issues need to be explored and expanded upon. The public is the last to find out and they will suffer the most. Academics are often the last to respond.

So with the introduction of a single variable which is the increased frequency generation, you throw off or confuse the ecology of the planet and the organisms which live on it and depend on that signalling to live in balance with the earth. In essence life has evolved if you will with the earth as an electromagnetic guide or a clock if you will. Life cycles of different organisms are coordinated to live within the rhythms of that system. Now man has come along and thrown off the clock mechanism.

There are many different mannerisms of the problem. Bird populations shift, the number of insects decrease. Plants or trees may have longer or shorter growth periods. But underneath is a single disturbance in the relationship to the planet which was established a long time ago.

Gerald Goldberg, MD

Informant: Dances Alone


Man turns the Earth into a Microwave–Oven

Digital broadcasting is increasing the threat of global warming by pumping massive amounts of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Global warming through use of mobiles

The Emerging Global Pattern of Insect Pollinator Decline



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