The Chernobyl-Dilemma: 'Chernobyl shows low level radiation is good for you'

The VOX german TV station showed a programme on the Tchernobyl-Dilemma. Some material was taken from the BBC. (The BBC showed a programme in July with Repacholi also). Here are some details we received from Alfred Tittman, see some pics below, and the text in German.

Repacholi belonged to forum Tschernobyl in accordance with IAEO

How many people died in Chernobyl:

at first only 28 workers immediately
+ 19 died until the year 2000
= 47
+ 9 children died of thyroid cancer
= 56 - not more!!!

All other numbers are wrong and only create panic among the public.

However also 4000 children got thyroid cancer in the same environment, but only one case was the result of radiation.

It’s certain that most of such cases have nothing to do with the reactor accident. Only a small portion of these illnesses is a result of radiation damage. According to Repacholi, it is not a proof for the increase of diseases or deformations by radioactive jets.

Interlocutors were:

Mike Repacholi

The American scientist Professor Ron Chesser, Texas technical university (animals in the surrounding field of the plant had been examined, no illnesses or genetic damage were shown),

Dr. Andrew Karam smelling Rochester Insitut OF Technology

Professor Antoine Brocks, Washington State, University - no danger, the fears are simply overrated

The whole report is my judgement a scandal - it carried the handwriting of the atomic lobby.

One cannot say more about it.

Alfred Tittmann.

VOX TV Sendung-- Strahlenangst - Das Tschernobyl-Dilemma

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Chernobyl true costs book - free

forwarded from llrc -

via artjar

(Recalling Mike Repacholi's contribution to recent BBC2 Horizon - prog. - 'Chernobyl shows low level radiation is good for you' )

Free downloads of ECRR Chernobyl book

In March this year the European Committee on Radiation Risk published a collection of reports from Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia, and across Europe, showing a wide range of diseases increasing in frequency and severity since the Chernobyl disaster. The picture it presents is dramatically different from claims that there are no discernible health effects apart from the deaths of a few firemen and up to 2000 mostly curable thyroid cancers. In the crazed view of some nuclear apologists, all the illness is due to social disruption, alcohol and radiophobia.

The ECRR committee have announced that they are concerned to make their book, with its important evidence of the true costs of nuclear pollution, available to the widest possible readership. A 4 megabyte pdf is on the ECRR web site http://www.euradcom.org/ and can be downloaded free of charge.

Chernobyl, 20 Years On [Now a free download]

As the International Commission on Radiological Protection moves towards publishing new Recommendations which totally ignore Chernobyl, we urge you to read the ECRR book and tell other people about its new availability. We understand that printed copies can still be bought through the ECRR site.

Low Level Radiation Campaign

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