Base-station emissions and health concerns

The EMF Discussion Group meeting went well; Sir William Stewart invited us to be open and honest with our opinions, leading to a healthy debate. Details will follow when the group have had time to review the minutes of the meeting.

Please find a copy of my presentation and feel free to distribute to everyone and anyone.


I also provided the EMF DG members with copies of an excellent detailed report prepared by Dr George Carlo; he has agreed to allow the report to be sent worldwide.


Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support, which helped tremendously.

Best wishes

Eileen O’Connor


ALS an epidemic?


Report in omega on ALS

Young people and the mobile: Alzheimer at 35 years?

EMF/EMR-related toxicity -- electric meter exposures

Dark Mission: The Secret History of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Informant: ranger116

NWO or Global Strategic Project?

Over the past several years, the New World Order has become the "buzzword", not only for conspiracy theorists, but also in other venues/groups. When one does a web search for New World Order, there is a plethera of websites available to surf. However, all of these sites simply take us around in circles. We know that George Bush, Sr. used this terminology in a speech back in the early 90's - but what is really taking place on a global level? It's difficult to really uncover a "big picture" when researching NWO. We find ourselves working puzzles, piecing together individual news articles and reports, studies and "regime changes". It dawned on me one day, that we are researching the wrong terminology. You see, WE call it NWO - but those who are actually involved in it's implementation call it something entirely different. Harmonization is one term - but that doesn't even encompass the "whole" of it. The Global Strategic Project is a very interesting "read". It's more of an outline - a manual - based upon 30 years of data; submitted and collected by the Union of International Associations. On the surface, this organization is effecting change in third world countries....but at a deeper level, one discovers that we have been guinea pigs; our behavior patterns studied and noted. After all, if a global power is to be implemented - how will all the people, the regular "Joe", like you and me - be persuaded to embrace this shift? It represents a shift in economics, government, religion and overall hierarchal structure.

Here are some links for you to reference, should you choose to dive down the REAL rabbit hole of the New World Order. They know how we think, behave and respond to crisis situations - therefore they know how we can be manipulated into actually effecting this change. In order to decide what we will and will not accept in the future - going forward - this is a must read, IMO. It's hidden right in plain sight for us to read...we just have to know what to research.

Global Strategic Project - database entitled Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential http://www.uia.org/strategies/stratcom.php

Alot of the articles have been written by Anthony Judge - http://www.laetusinpraesens.org - and alot of studies referred to by Magoroh Maruyama, who has extensively studied (human behavior) patterns of cognition, perception, conceptualization, design, planning and decision processes (1974, 1977, 1978, 1980). The most difficult process that I've read for them to get past - or to implement - is how to bring together the world's religions.

I believe we can see how that is being set into motion at this time; blur the lines between religion and government, discredit religious leaders by reducing them to no more than pedophiles and effect a total breakdown in religious structure. Look for a New saviour to present him/herSelf in the near future.

Tip: Think hard before you fill out that next "survey" in exchange for great coupons, participate in that media "poll", or research studies. The data is gathered to validate our behavior patterns so they can tell how much we'll pay for staples such as gasoline, sugar, coffee, etc. - how we behave in crisis situations, how we think collectively, in mass, our buying habits etc. The bottom line is that this is added to the data base - of human potential - in order to determine how best to manipulate the majority of us.

Open your eyes - It's happening people. I ask you to direct your research in this more productive and enlightening direction - before it's too late...if it's not too late already.

Peace - Anna


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