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Diabetes and Depleted Uranium

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Italian Embassy Cover up Continues

by Bob Nichols

(San Francisco Bay View) Dr Mishra described June 29th to June 6 as "A week from Hell." International radiation expert Leuren Moret talked to Dr Mishra, a famous surgeon from India, the afternoon of July 7, 2006. Dr. Mishra's report was grim. I had tried to reach him by phone and email for a week. I was concerned about his safety. On July 10 Dr Mishra stated "I will not be cowed down."

Mishra reported "Threats at the hospital, three weird phone calls claiming 'we have you under surveillance,' one each in American, Italian and Indian accents."

Dr. Mishra said he was advised by someone in the [Indian] government to "leave town for three days because of the danger." Mishra said he did and "unidentified Government agents blocked my computer, blocked my phone and email and harassed my family."

Dr. Mishra said it started on his visit to the Consul at the Italian Consulate on June 29th regarding his earlier request for an Italian Visa. A Visa is an entry and travel permit and can only be issued in Bombay by Italian Consul Baeceloni. Mishra was called back without an explanation.

The Consul asked Dr. Mishra 1) Who is your sponsor in Italy, 2) What is your hotel in Italy and 3) what is your interest in Leuren Moret, in diabetes and depleted uranium? Dr. Mishra had said nothing about diabetes, depleted uranium or Leuren Moret.

Depleted uranium is a genocidal radioactive metal used for bullets, bombs and missiles by the United States and Great Britain as munitions in Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia. Millions of pounds of weaponized radioactive uranium gas and dust have been dispersed by US/UK military forces in Iraq and Central Asia.

The use of uranium weapons has caused a global diabetes epidemic since 1991, according to scientist Leuren Moret. It is enough uranium dust to cause an estimated twenty five million additional cancers in Iraq in the next decade. The US and UK military still use uranium munitions. There are only 24 million Iraqis. Many Iraqis now have multiple cancers.

On his visit to to the Consul at the Italian Embassy Dr Mishra answered the three questions by stating he would bring the email invitation to the Consul, his reservation and stated "I am going to meet with a scientific colleague, Leuren Moret, an old family friend who works for the good of humanity, about matters of interest to international public health."

Mishra continued his statement "I am a scientist and a medical doctor. I have an interest in diabetes and public health links to depleted uranium. There are big unexplained increases in diabetes in India, China and Jakarta since 1990. I am participating in a meeting about these issues."

The US, Italian and Indian governments had no way of knowing about the planned international meeting about the diabetes and depleted uranium cause and effect link.

The suspicion is that the University of California's Nuclear Weapons Labs and factories tapped Leuren Moret's calls; then, went through the US State Department or the Defense Department to the Italian government and the Indian government.

That is the most probable way the words "diabetes and the link to depleted uranium and Leuren Moret" came out of the Italian Consul's mouth in Bombay, India. Scientist Leuren Moret formerly worked at two Nuclear Weapons Labs run by the University of California.

Moret and Mishra concluded with this statement "Denial of Dr. Mishra's Visa is an academic, scientific, political and social issue. We are not against any government. We would like the Italian government to understand the importance of this issue of global public health as an indicator and result of depleted uranium pollution. This position is stifling scientific investigation and is censorship."

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award Winner. He is a correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various on line publications. Nichols is completing a book based on 15 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. Nichols is a former employee of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. Nichols can be reached by email. You are encouraged to write bob.bobnichols@gmail.com

"If the people lead, then eventually the leaders will follow." ~ Thomas Jefferson

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When they took away the 6th Amendment, we were quiet, because we were innocent.

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Now they have taken away the 1st Amendment, and very soon, If we continue to be quiet, we will have no choice, BUT to continue to be quiet.


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