More Than Quarter of Staff at Wisconsin School have Cancer

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27 June 2006

Kristen Stinar K.S.T.P. - TV news
St Paul, Minn.

Dear Kristin,

I came across your name and your involvement with cancer while trying to learn more about an ABC News story entitled More Than Quarter of Staff at Wisconsin School have Cancer, dated May 12, 2006. I hope that your cancer has been terminated and that you are well. I am also a survivor, from prostate cancer. My concern at this time is for the cancer victims at the West Elementary School.

There is a great deal of credible research from countries around the world that shows that electro magnetic radiation is causing cancer and many other serious illnesses. For the last two years, I have spent much of my time collecting research and information about EMR, as I believe that it was the cause of my cancer.

I am now electro sensitive and have not been able to live in our home for the last eighteen months because of the effects of ground current electricity. Electro magnetic radiation may also have been the source of your cancer. I know of several TV reporters in the Toronto area that have developed cancer. Their work environments are undoubtedly filled with electro magnetic radiation from the equipment used in modern broadcasting.

The amount of EMR in our lives has increased dramatically in the last few years and at such a pace that we are all becoming endangered by it. There are many sources of electro magnetic radiation, including cell phones and cell phone towers, power lines, transformers, ground current electricity, electrical appliances, electrical wiring, etc. I have attached a document above entitled Electrical Pollution and Our Schools, which will provide you with a good basic understanding of some of the dangers of electrical pollution. You will also find the document 1997 - A curious year in Sweden very interesting.


I am hoping that you will take a special interest in the West Elementary school cancer cluster and ask school, government and state health officials more detailed questions about their investigation and whether electro magnetic radiation has been investigated as a cause of the cancer. Some of the questions that you may wish to consider are: Is there a cell phone mast or tower located close to the school? What are the measurable levels of cell phone radiation at the school? Was a gauss meter used to check the school for electro magnetic fields? (anything above 2 milligauss should be cause for concern) Were measurements taken of electrical fields inside the school? Has the school been measured for dirty electricity? (this should be done with all school equipment running) Are there power lines or transformers which affect the school property? Is there a Wi Fi system installed at the school? Is there ground current electricity affecting the school? If so, what power is it and what frequencies does the electricity contain? Were the homes of the cancer victims checked for the same dangers? If you are eventually provided with measurements, please be aware that government standards are so lax that they do not protect the population.

Another wider ranging but very relevant question, is whether the other cancer cluster locations that were mentioned by state health officials in the same story, were evaluated for electro magnetic radiation?

I can provide you with a great deal of research that details the dangers of EMR and electrical pollution. I also know of several experts 'in the field of EMR' who would be pleased to provide information and generally assist you with any potential news stories. I appreciate that you are already very involved in cancer charity work but I encourage you to be more involved in cancer prevention. In my opinion, one of the best ways that you can accomplish that is to make many other people aware of the potential dangers of EMR. With the right information, people can make changes, use avoidance techniques and make improvements in their environment. You should be specially concerned about your own environment. If EMR levels at your home and at work, are unsafe, you may develop cancer again.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall
519 462 3088.



Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations


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