Götene residents forced from home by wireless broadband

This article is written by the Swedish journalist Mona Nielsen, the author of the book “Spelet om 3G” (“The play about 3G”, or as I prefer “The Farce about 3G”)

I have translated the article to English and have, with the help of Iris Atzmon, obtained Mona´s permission to publish the article on mast-victims.org and send it out to all the people and mast-activists that might have an interest in reading it.

We have also succeeded in downloading and publishing an interview with Mona, Professor Olle Johansen and Hans Wiksell of Karolinska Intituttet in Sweden as well as Lars Mjönes of SSI (The Swedish Radiation Protection Institute)

The TV interview is in Swedish, but we are at the moment working on translating the interview to English.

And will produce it in a word document if possible.

But in the meantime you can find it here:


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Götene residents forced from home by wireless broadband

Five residents have been forded to move away from their homes in the little parish of Götene in West Götland, Sweden, after the installations of wireless broadband started sending.

The affected residents demand, with the support in the Environmental Protection law (Miljöbalken), that the installations be turned off but the parish council keeps to the misleading information of the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute. (SSI)

Birgitta Söderquist, a teacher, has already been forced to move away once before.

Two years ago a 3G mast installed in the vicinity of her home, had caused her such big problems that she and her husband had been forced to abandon their home.

After a long and extensive search they found a farm in the parish of Götene, which lay protected from mast radiation.

But, since the end of February this year she has been unable to live with her husband at the farm.

She has been forced to move in with Christina Johnson in the village of Böja.

Christina, a former Microbiology scientist and researcher, who has also been forced to move because of her sensitivity to the mast radiation, can no longer live with her husband on their farm,.

She has been forced, unwillingly, to adopt to a life of living alone away from her family.

At the most, she has only been able to visit her husband for a couple of days at the farm, before she is forced

Leave and return to the village.

On the 23rd of February the wireless broadband, or WIMAX, started sending in Götene parish.

That same morning Christina, (who incidentally was on one of her occasional visits with her husband in Götene), and Birgitta both were affected by similar acute throat conditions: breathing difficulties, feelings of suffocating and heart palpitations.

Birgitta´s face swelled up, she got dizzy and her skin was itching and stinging.

Christina felt her face was burning, she was affected by coughing and dizziness attacks.

“I never thought I would be affected like this, and this acutely” says Birgitta

“Our farm lies protected and there are 6 kilometers, or 1 Swedish mile, to the nearest broadband masts.

Birgitta has now acquired maps shoving the coverage of the broadband and with the help of these she has been able to establish lies in the crossbeam of two broadband masts.

At least 8 residents have suffered bad health effects since the wireless broadband went on the air on the 23rd of February. Of these 5 have been forced away from their homes and families, says Birgitta.

Cable broadband turned into wireless for vague reasons.

As there are several people in Götene parish who suffer health problems from the microwave radiation from the wireless broadband installations, a group has for some considerable time upheld discussions with Götene parish about the broadband roll-out.

The Parish Council Executive decided on the 8th of June 2004 that the broadband should be landline broadband, or dsl-technology.

But in spite of the Parish Council Executives decision, the council´s civil servants decided to introduce a mixed solution, which meant both the landline: dsl and Wimax, the wireless broadband.

- Possible health risks were not taken into consideration when the council, with the help of a consultant, evaluated different proposals, Christina tells.

On the contrary the wireless broadband got plus-points for being an “Un-tried technical solution which promises a lot of potential”.

The Parish Council had the opportunity to adhere to the Council Executive’s decision of dsl-technology for the same cost as for wireless broadband.

And the promised consultation with the Parish residents, who warned about the wireless technology, never took place.

The Environmental Board believes the studies exist.

Christina and Birgitta demanded, in a letter to the Councils Environmental and Health Protection Board on the 27th of February, with support in the Environmental Protection law (Miljöbalken), that the wireless broadband immediately be turned off.

The board heard the case on the 14th of March and then refer to a letter from Swedish Radiation Protection Institute. (SSI) from 2004 which states that the Institute in the last few years “have issued several statements about radiation effects of mobile communication, and that the collective judgment of the SSI is, that mobile communications base stations do not pose any risk, from the radiation protection point of view” Götene council´s Environment and Building Executive Ann-Sofie Anderson is asked the question:

if she interprets SSI´s message in such a way, that SSI base their recommendations on studies of “round-the- clock” exposure, which show no effects.

- “I take for granted that they are “round-the-clock” exposures, and even provocation studies”.

- “If I tell you that there only exists one study on the effects of 3G, which SSI in a telephone message has likened to the radiation from broadband, and that exactly that study showed negative effects, even after short time exposure, what is your comment”?

- “If that is so, it is unfortunate that SSI does not have more research to lean on”, says Ann-Sofie Anderson.

- “The Environmental Protection law (Miljöbalken) contains a “reversed burden of proof” which rests with a company’s management.

Is it then important, that you, with consideration to the decision making in the actual case, have an all-round information of the situation, which includes showing what is known and what is unknown, when it comes to “round the clock” exposure for actual radiation”?

- “Yes, and that we take for granted that we get from the SSI” answers Ann-Sofie Anderson.

There exist 6 studies in total, about health conditions in the vicinity of mobile communications masts, and All Show either increased risk of cancer or negative symptoms.

The exists only one study of effects of 3G and that shows negative effects after 15 minutes of exposure;

Many people witness, independently of each other, and like Birgitta and Christina, of similar health problems caused by the emission from wireless communication, people from all over Sweden.

A study of “round-the-clock” exposure that contradicts these results and this evidence does Not exist.

SSI and the National Board of Health and Welfare produce a misleading picture, compared to an assessment based on the Environmental Protection law (Miljöbalken).

The Authority eliminate the “reversed burden of proof” by indicating that studies on “round-the-clock” exposure of 3G and wireless broadband, Rakel (TETRA) and more, do exist, which proof that there are no health risks.

These studies are non-existent.

This leads to that the whole of the Swedish population gets turned into Laboratory rats, under pretense of safety, and those who get affected by health problems lose their legal rights.

- “Do you consider that the SSI and the National Board of Health and Welfare have given you a fair account of the situation, based on an assessment of the Environmental Protection law (Miljöbalken)”?

- “On grounds of your claims I will have to contact the SSI and the National Board of Health and Welfare to ask if they corresponds to their information.

Mona Nilsson


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