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"Lunacy!" Said Powell On Wolfowitz Iraq Plan

Bush Illegally Got $700 Million Dollars To Finance Iraq War Plans

The failure in Iraq is even deeper than people imagine

Into War

Dutch Government Lied About WMD

Detonations And Deceit

Video: Bob Woodward: 60 Minutes Interview

Deal made with Saudis to Influence November Election

The Wrong War

The neocon conundrum

American Marine "Ashamed" Of Iraq Experience

Sheep to the slaughter

Lack of critical media gave Government free rein on Iraq invasion

The return of people's war

More Than a Failing: Woke Up And America Was Gone

Whose Human Rights is the Occupation Defending

Families of the 94th are on the warpath

Archbishop rounds on Government over Iraq war

US Christian fundamentalists are driving Bush's Middle East policy

George Bush's global holy war threatens our Presidency- and perhaps the future of our nation

Bush harbours no worries because God's on his side

God Made Me Do It

Bush Detention of `Enemy Combatants' Questioned by High Court

Another stolen election?

How Voter Data Was Used To Prevent Democrats From Voting In The Last Presidential Elections

Cheney Was Unwavering in Desire to Go to War

The “Iraqization” Scam

The terror of Bush's war on America

Mordechai Vanunu is free

Press And Military

First Foreigners, Then Americans

The human rights scandal of Guantanamo Bay

Bush Administration Criticized for Opposition to Accountability for Business

'We Are One Hand' -- Sunnis, Shiites Uniting Against U.S. in Iraq

No Child Left Unrecruited

Bush-Cheney 2000 To Pay $90,000 Civil Penalty

From Information Clearing House


Powell Very Sharply Criticizes Bush's War in Iraq


George W.'s Vietnam

Iraq as Vietnam

Losing control

Hawks didn't see what was coming in Iraq


Repeat offender

Iraq war may require more money soon

Half of Iraq's new forces quit or worked against US

Yeats on Iraq

Sentence first -- verdict afterwards

The world's worst election system?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


White Lies, Black Lies

Consequences of Colonialism in Iraq


Vietnamese See Parallels Between Situation There, US-led Iraq War

UN Might Not Be Washington's Savior in Iraq

President Owes America Answers on Iraq

Breaking Through The Silence

This letter was written and sent to his list by Joe Trippi, the brilliant former campaign manager of the Dean for President campaign. He is now spearheading Change for America, a group dedicated to continuing the grassroots movement that coalesced around the Dean campaign.

All the best -- Arianna Huffington


Breaking Through The Silence

Dear Friend,

When I first read Arianna's new book I couldn't believe it. "Fanatics & Fools: The Game Plan for Winning Back America" could very well be the most important book written in 2004. Within minutes of finishing the final page I was on the phone with Arianna offering to help spread the book’s message in whatever way I could.


This isn't just another political book. If enough people get out there and read this book it could truly change America.

It got me thinking about the Dean campaign because our effort wasn't just a campaign for the presidency - it was a movement to change America.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans stood against the special interests - and stood together for the values we believe in as progressives. We showed the Democratic Party how to stand and fight and gave hope that the American people could change the way politics is done in our country.

Now the pundits wonder if the movement we started can keep going forward. They wonder if the establishment will now just slide back into doing things the established way - and ignore the new politics of participation that we fought for.

But we're not going to let that happen. We're going to push forward by advancing a bold vision for change. Arianna Huffington does that in her new book, "Fanatics and Fools." I encourage you to read it:


Great grassroots movements like ours aren't fueled by little shifts in policy or retooled versions of old proposals. And this election isn't just about George Bush or John Kerry.

It's about who we are as Americans.

We must recapture the heart of the country. We can do that by reminding the American people that we are a republic built upon taking responsibility for each other. And we can do that by putting forward a vision that embraces the values our nation was founded on; a vision that brings people back into politics - especially the 50% of Americans who don't vote.

That's why "Fanatics and Fools" is so important to the 2004 campaign Arianna understands where, as progressives and Americans, we should be headed - and how we can get there by acting together.

Her book describes how we can restore an America that lives up to the promise of our greatest leaders, from Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to FDR and Bobby Kennedy.

She sets forward a "Contract for a Better America" -- a 10-point plan of progressive principles that resets our nation's priorities, and which should become a part of the Democratic Party platform and John Kerry's campaign:


Our cause seeks to empower the people to reclaim our government. It isn't just the wrong-headed policies of George Bush that unite us - it's that for too long politicians in Washington have been hooked on special interest money, and have forgotten that the government is ours.

Arianna hasn't forgotten who owns the government, and who has the power to change it. Buy the book, read it, and join the discussion.


Then forward this email on to everyone you know, and ask them to join us. We have only just begun to take our country back.

Joe Trippi

Greenpeace wirft Futter-Händlern Sabotage Gentech-freier Fleischerzeugung vor

Fälschlich als Gentechnik deklariert: Greenpeace wirft Futter-Händlern Sabotage Gentech-freier Fleischerzeugung vor

Die deutsche Futtermittelindustrie will die Entstehung gentechnikfreier Futtermittelmärkte verhindern, kritisiert die Umweltorganisation Greenpeace. Mit der falschen Bezeichnung ihres Futters als Gentechnik-Ware wolle sie Fleischvermarkter in die Knie zwingen, die auf Tierfutter ohne Gentechnik bestehen. Dies ergebe sich aus aktuellen Schreiben von Futtermittelkonzernen, die Greenpeace vorliegen, teilten die Umweltschützer am Donnerstag mit. Der Hamburger Lieferant Una-Hakra habe die für Edeka produzierende Erzeugergenossenschaft vor wenigen Tagen informiert, dass ihre Ware zwar keine Gen-Pflanzen enthalte, auf den Säcken dennoch Gen-Soja angegeben würde. Damit wollten die Händler einen neuen Qualitätsstandard ohne Gen-Soja verhindern.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Greenpeace Activist News, Vol. 4, No. 4 (excerpt)


Recent tests have confirmed the fact that some Disney children's clothes contain toxic chemicals hazardous to human health and the environment. Disney does not think it should ensure its products are free of toxic chemicals. We need your help to pressure them to change.


Find out more here:


and discuss the issue here:




Are you a European consumer? Now you have the power to make sure that your supermarkets and restaurants remain GE-free. New and much stricter EU labelling legislation is in place; with your help we can find the products containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and name & shame them for everyone to see. The more people that help to reject the products, the easier it will be to maintain our right to say NO to GMOs:


For people not located in the EU you can still get involved writing letters to food producers, supermarkets and educating your friends and family about the dangers of GE. Check at our useful *Action Tool kit* to see how you can get involved:


Check out all the latest GE actions happening around the globe here:


The Rainbow Warrior is in Australia-Pacific working for a GE free future so find out what it is up to and take a sail through the history of our most famous ship:




Four years ago, environmentalists and public health advocates were celebrating President Clinton's plan to reduce mercury pollution from power plants by 90 percent by 2008. Now, President Bush is attempting to trash this plan through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA is considering delaying the cleanup of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants for 20 years or more. We only have until April 30th to tell the EPA that these reductions are necessary to protect public health:




We've now generated 38,000 pledges to visit Iceland if the government stops whaling -- the equivalent of more than ten years of whaling revenues in tourist income to Iceland. Our Pledge challenge competition for a bunk on the Esperanza has ended, having generated 14,000 additional pledges! Well done everyone! We've circulated a questionnaire to the top 20 pledge-getters and are gathering results now.

It's a really heartening experience to read what people have done to promote the pledge. One cyberactivist asked what the deadline for reply was, as she was busy organising an anti-war rally, while working on her PHD on environmental impacts on lizards and organising a presentation to school kids about ecology. We've asked how you've been promoting the pledge, and have heard about banners on websites, posters put up at universities, chatroom blitzes, one clever activist created a public MSN messenger account called "I HELP TO SAVE WHALES… ASK ME HOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME." Another pledge-getter from Nigeria travelled 170 km to Lagos in order to put a notice up on a bulletin board in a cyber-cafe. We'll keep you updated on who will be the hard-working representative of the cyberactivist community to sail with our ship to Iceland. In the meantime, keep pushing that pledge!




In Tasmania, Australia, they have these trees, that are... tall. OK, a lot of trees are tall, but these are the tallest hardwood trees in the world. We're talking trees taller than a 25-story building and 400 years old. Some people look at trees like this and they just think, "wow". Other people, they look at these trees and they think, "Wow, I could cut that down, chop it up, feed it through a wood chipper, and sell it to these companies in Japan!"

After five months in a tree sit to prevent these forests giants being turned into wood chips the activists are taking a well-earned break and the campaign now moves into its second phase of focusing on the ballot boxes of the coming federal election and increasing international pressure overseas.

You can help by contacting the Japanese companies that buy the wood chips:


Catch the latest news and reflections on the end of the marathon tree sit on the weblog:



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