Power Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Melatonin and the Risk of Breast Cancer

From: Eileen O'Connor
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 12:15:56 -0000
Subject: Abstract by Dr John Walker

Please see message received today from Dr Walker, responding to my recent e-mails about Professor Swerdlow.

Eileen O'Connor

Abstract (general) by Dr John Walker CPhys

* Professor Cherry of New Zealand in 2000 made a presentation to the Parliament of Europe on the above subject. During the last few years, experimental data is accumulating at an increasing rate, that verifies his predictions without exception.

* Scientific and Health Truth has also been diverging at an increasing rate from Political and Economic Truth over the last 9 years since ICNIRP (International Committee on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) made the biggest mistake in scientific history and unconsciously misled the many administrations in the world by choosing guidelines 4.5 million times as high as those chosen by Salzburg (power units). Phones still work in Salzburg.

* Most administrative bodies are weak in science and therefore have no conception of when they have been misled. Since the "he who pays the piper calls the tune" all sub administrations are cautious and unwilling to "rock the boat" or "blow the whistle" especially when high economic yields are concerned.

* The Government's 21 billion pound licence fee from the mobile telephone industry has locked the country into a legalised sustained electromagnetic attack on the population living in the highest field strength areas near a mast, especially in beam patch areas, often ten times the height of the mast away and with a 3 pole mast the patches will be 120 degrees apart. There is a real occurrence of a cancer rate of 3 times normal and 8 years earlier (Naila), and 4 times normal (Netanya) together with the Bamberger study and the Oberfeld/Navarro study which showed an odds ratio of 39 for increased depressive tendencies along with increases of other unspecified illnesses.

* G3 is more penetrative of house walls than GSM. The old radio waves were a nice sinusoidal shape, however G3 waves are very sharp digitally switched to transmit vision signals. "These can swamp the bodies internal signals" and lead to the above data. (Dr David Aldridge)

Recent measurements of melatonin in urine show that microwaves cause an 80% drop in Melatonin which controls our immune system at night. This makes us susceptible to many diseases since our natural defence against cosmic rays is compromised. This applies to all vertebrea.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Peer Review gone rotten: AGNIR’s review of breast cancer and EMFs

On Feb 9, 2006 The independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR), under the leadership of Professor Anthony Swerdlow (a senior member of ICNIRP and who enjoys a commanding role in influencing the British cancer charities research into cancer) released its latest viewpoint on breast cancer, melatonin and power frequency EMFs. Using an extremely biased review of the science, Swerdlow and crew were able to discount all the evidence to the contrary to come up with a convenient exoneration for the power industry. Watch the WHO and ICNIRP push this as still another independent expert report representing a scientific consensus of the international scientific community.

A very valuable report for the industy as it will be quoted for years in court and planning cases - and who will dare question the experts?

Don Maisch

Press Release

9 February 2006

Power Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Melatonin and the Risk of Breast Cancer

The independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR) today published a report that examines whether electromagnetic fields (EMFs) associated with the supply and use of electricity can influence the risk of breast cancer. Following a thorough review of the published scientific literature, the report concludes that overall the evidence does not support the hypothesis that exposure to EMFs is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. In addition, EMFs do not appear to affect the production or biological action of the hormone melatonin.

Full report : http://www.hpa.org.uk/publications/2005/rce1/default.htm

Source: http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=383


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