Phone makers' own scientists discover that bedtime use can lead to headaches, confusion and depression


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THE INDEPENDENT 20 January 2008
Mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep

THE INDEPENDENT 20 Janvier 2008
Les irradiation des téléphones mobiles détruisent votre sommeil



Re: Mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep

As the IoS have made this front page perhaps we could all write in to the letters page (to counteract the attacks from the operators) and to lend support to the IoS who have bravely taken a stand for us on this issue.

The more the editors know this is a big issue the more they will publish more stories


Headaches linked to mobile phones

Using a mobile phone before going to bed is bad for your health, says new study

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Mobiles linked to disturbed sleep


Cell phones linked to disturbed sleep

This headline should not surprise you, specially if you are electro hypersensitive and suffer from sleep problems on a regular basis!

What the story does not tell is that many sources of electro magnetic radiation cause the same problem. This story needs to be expanded to explain that cordless telephones which are now used in the majority of modern homes, use a similar technology. They cause strong microwave emissions and the same serious health consequences as using a cell phone. They are particularly dangerous because people tend to use cordless phones for much longer periods while casually chatting in the comfort of their homes. When the cordless phone is a DECT phone and emits radiation all day and all night, the dangers are greater. WiFi is another serious danger to health.

If you know someone who is regularly using a cell phone, cordless telephone or WiFi, please help them make the connection between using those wireless devices, sleep problems and the long term effects to their health.

Martin Weatherall


Using A Mobile Phone Could Disturb Your Sleep

Mobile Phones Interrupt Sleep Patterns

Sleep Ruined by Radiation, Says Study Funded by Cell Phone Makers

Claims that mobiles can 'severely disrupt' sleep



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