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Another Irish teenager suffers cardiac arrest

Best, Imelda, Cork

From The Irish Independent online:

Defibrillator saves boy's life after sports collapse Tools

By Ralph Riegel Saturday January 26 2008

A FIFTEEN-year-old student was fighting for his life last night after he was revived with a defibrillator at a school sports day.

The teenage boy -- who is from Dunmanway in west Cork -- collapsed on a sports field near Midleton CBS at lunchtime yesterday where he was attending an inter-schools athletics event.

Onlookers said the boy owes his life to the prompt action of teachers and paramedics who raced to the scene and then worked frantically to help him.

The boy had shown no signs of feeling unwell and simply slumped to the ground in front of horrified spectators and friends.

It's understood he had finished a cross-country run a short time earlier.

A defibrillator was provided at the scene within seconds and was instrumental in first reviving the boy and then helping stabilise his condition pending his emergency transfer to a Cork hospital.

Locals paid glowing tribute last night to the professionalism of both Midleton and Dunmanway teachers as well as paramedics at the sports event who reacted within seconds to go to the boy's aid.

Last night, Midleton CBS declined to comment on the matter beyond confirming that an incident had occurred during a sports day.

The teenage boy is not a student of the east Cork school.

After the incident, the teen was rushed to Cork University Hospital (CUH) where he was assessed in the Intensive Care Unit.

A CUH spokesman last night confirmed that the youngster remains in a serious condition. His family rushed from west Cork to be by his bedside.

Defibrillators are now being provided by most Irish sports clubs and community bodies in the wake of an alarming series of Sudden Cardiac Deaths (SCDs), particularly among young people.

More than 100 people aged under 35 years die from SCD each year in Ireland. The condition received huge publicity following the tragic death of Tyrone GAA star, Cormac McAnallen, on March 2, 2004.

The Cormac Trust -- which was established by the Tyrone star's family and friends -- now works to heighten awareness of SCD, promote cardiac screening amongst athletes and to provide defibrillators for sports clubs.

Last September, Patrick Breen (10) collapsed and died as he attended a GAA training session in Tyrone.

The Irish Red Cross estimate that 13 people die every day in Ireland as a result of suffering a cardiac arrest and not being able to access treatment in time.

The Red Cross indicated that speedy access to a defibrillator can improve a person's survival chances by up to 50pc.

- Ralph Riegel


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We are contacting EHP today. So, the print version and the PDF are fine, but the HTML one that you come to first makes us look very silly. Probably just a web error by EHP staff, but very frustrating.



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