The Independent and Geoffrey Lean need our help



The Independent and Geoffrey Lean need our help!!!

What sort of world has this become when sincere and decent people are attacked simply because they want to raise awareness for our children?

Sir William Stewart has consistently advocated a precautionary approach both for our children and for the minority who are now electro hypersensitive.

The mobile phone operators and the Government chose to ignore this, which speaks volumes for those with children in schools surrounded by phone mast, or those with these masts on their doorsteps where the children live.

As Sir William has now given a warning about Wi-Fi then only those with vested interests are likely to attack in such a vicious way.

Geoffrey Lean and other staff of the IoS and Independent have backed Sir William and made parents aware that there could well be a problem, yet they are lambasted. Ingrid Dickenson and others are ridiculed mercilessly.

If this is what material greed does to our nation and the world then I am really concerned for the human race!

I have been electro hypersensitive for many years now and will remain so for life. I know from my own experiences what these technologies using pulsed microwave radiation can do, not only me, but to hundreds of other sufferers I have spoken to.

Therefore my concern is for children and animal life because they are far more vulnerable.

We who suffer are all decent and wholesom people, as are the people in the media and elsewhere who raise awareness for our children and animal life. They have moral and ethical standards where our children, wildlife and sufferers are concerned.

It seems obvious that greed degenerates humans who worship materialism above even human/animal life and health.

Can any of you really live with the guilt you may feel if our children/animal life are harmed? They say conscience grows stronger in time.

Posted by: Sandi L | June 07, 2007 at 09:39 AM



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