"The Honey Plot"....(disappearing honeybees).....re EMF's

Remember "mind control" re embassies? Review info (access info below) for interesting background information and Dr. Ed Ward's commentary 2-16-07. Great anger is induced in humans at 250 hz. If an electric clock radio -- 60 hz. can cause increasing agitation and irritability, delusions and major confusion in an adult male (my husband, Bud) that was reversed (Alzheimers) by moving his electric clock and starting him on nightly melatonin (plus other supplements), it is no wonder the bees are confused and don't return to their hives!!! Joanne

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Ed Ward, MD
Fri Feb 16, 2007 06:02

Putin Orders Russian ‘Queens’ Home, Decimates US Bee Industry //www.whatdoesitmean.com/index984.htm


ELF EMF's...behavioral toxicology.... including honeybees ....1998


1: Prog Clin Biol Res. 1988;257:327-47.

Recent studies in the behavioral toxicology of ELF electric and magnetic fields.

* Lovely RH.

Neurosciences Group, Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Richland, WA 99352.

THIS STUDY IS REGARDING BEHAVIORAL TOXICOLOGY ....MENTIONS FISH, BIRDS AND HONEYBEES........ need to obtain complete report to review "other suggested studies...."
Joanne Mueller file notes 3-15-07


Millions of Bees Die: Are Electromagnetic Signals To Blame?

Dear Martin: I didn't check the source you forwarded yet, but I did come across some interesting information. //cyberbee.msu.edu/lab/reports/2001.html

While they are "killing the mites" with electrical device, they are obviously harming the bees. Most of us would say "duh..." IF anyone would listen, right?

Also the article mentions melatonin in almost a joking manner. Well, we all know melatonin plays a huge part insofar as being a very powerful antioxidant and has often been mentioned as a potential cancer-fighter. In addition, as I have shared in the past, Dr. Russel Reiter told me in London if Bud had been taking melatonin all along, he may never have developed Alzheimers. That is one of the most important things I have him on as far as supplements. Keeps him from agitation and confusion....... Wonder what happens if the bees become agitated, confused and are full of inflammation? I suspect they "die...."

Here is a source for a journal article re summer and winter bees in regard to pineal gland/melatonin. The article requires a fee. Also, there are a couple of items from Blackwell but those always require subscription, etc.


This study is regarding sleep/wake/work cycle in worker honey bees (re melatonin).......


I would say that honey bees have joined the ranks of "canaries" just as humans, guinea pigs, mice, rats, etc. There are more articles.....not enough time but thanks -- very important info and interesting too..... Joanne

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