Wolves of Water: The sequel to Wings of Death


Low Level Radiation Campaign

Chris Busby has published Wolves of Water, the sequel to his 1995 book Wings of Death.

Wolves of Water tells the story of the last 12 years of our campaign on radioactive pollution and health in a way that is both scientific and highly personal.

Indispensable for anyone involved in confronting the lies, the control and the cover-ups that characterise the Science Wars.

http://www.llrc.org has the detail - a flyer and how to buy your copy (unbeatable value at £12, ($20/€20). Online content at http://www.llrc.org includes an index allowing the heroes to check whether they've been acknowledged, and the guilty to check whether they've been nailed. It also lists 86 ways to conceal the truth.



Re Prof. David Coggon -

Described in Dr Chris Busby's 'Wolves of Water' book -

p.281 on the Medical Research Council's three man committee on the health efffects of depleted uranium -

" The other two members of this coven are Dudley Goodhead and Prof. David Coggon of the MRC epidemiology unit at Southampton. Coggon is famous for having written in the BMJ in 1994 that 'there was no epidemic of cancer'. When I accosted him with this howler recently he was clearly embarrassed but tried to maintain that this was still the case. Coggon took over from Martin Gardner, the epideniologist who confirmed the Sellafield leukaemia cluster and found it was associated with the parents who worked for the nuclear site. Gardner died suddenly of cancer age 50. Coggon shut down the research. He is now a favourite of the establishment for Chairing committees on ill-health and pollution, e.g. the Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP) and the Depleted Uranium Committee of the Ministry of Defence (DUOB). Goodhead and Coggon got OBEs. I hope it makes them happy.

They will crop up again in this book, my point is to show that there do not need to be so many operators to keep the system going, just a few people in the right places. Nor am I saying they are anything but perfect gentlemen who believe what it is they say. It is merely that when someone talks about the science of radiation risk, what is there in practice is actually the beliefs and activities of rather a few individuals".

at p. 430 (summarised)

The Royal Commission on Pesticides recently took evidence and established health damage to people affected by crop spraying. Coggon's Committee (ACP) quickly pressured government to disregard this, so that it could be business as usual for agrichems and intensive farming.


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