Learning and memorization impairment in childhood chronic fatigue syndrome manifesting as school phobia in Japan



School Refusal and CFS

In "School Refusal"/"School Phobia" many children experience "stomachache, headache or nausea." These are also the same symptoms known to occur in both "Radio Wave Illness" and "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."

Check out the following article, "Learning and Memorization Impairment in childhood chronic fatigue syndrome manifesting as school phobia in Japan." The main author leaves his contact details at the end of the paper. I called him about two years when I was in the midst of recovering myself from CFIDS but he didn't want to talk to me and he didn't want to even consider EMR as a causal factor. Maybe if some of the well-known doctors, scientists, researchers, activists on the EMF-Refugee list gave him a call (or sent him an email), he would be more open to listening to them (instead of the experience of a person who previously had CFS, was able to clearly connect it to EMR, and was hence able to cure himself of it.)

At any rate, it is unfortunate that politicians and the populace have accepted the idea - as a fact - that it is the Yutori Kyoiku (Relaxed Education) system that is responsible for falling scholastic abilities found in Japan. While we all know that if one fries a child's brain with microwaves it is more than likely to have a deliterious affect on his or her mental functions then the relaxation of a stringent educational system.

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