WiFi in Schools

After reading Jonathan Milne's article on WiFi in schools (TES 15.12.06), I felt compelled to respond. I am becoming extremely concerned at the obvious personal opinions which are being reported as fact.

I will not enter into the murky area of claim and counter claim of safety WiFi which is the practice of Industry/Media/Gov and concerned citizens who have researched this subject. - I will only say that any serious journalist has a responsibility to investigate facts, rather than rely on official statements from bodies who have vested interests.

I believe that Michael Clark (HPA) should be challenged on his comparison of WiFi to TV and radio - a closer likeness would have been mobile technology (of which he also uses the same comparison, however) - then refer to the official DOH leaflet on "Mobile Phones & Health", produced after the Stewart Repoort advised this Government in 2000. One of the recommendations in this leaflet is that children under 16 should only use mobile phones for emergency purposes.

What schools are doing is to roll out wireless networking for convenience - and tidiness. Computer use is not affected in any other way by installing WLAN. If your journalists look closely enough you will find that the technology has not been proven safe - nor will it be. Do we really want to expose our children to yet another health risk? At a time when we are seeing efforts in other areas to improve their wellbeing.

Finally, I ask myself why we are not hearing the warnings of the safety of WLAN and DECT that other countries are being given the benefit of? Quite obviously there is a huge Industry to protect - our whole infrastructure has been hitched to this particular wagon. Press/Media/Government all no doubt find themselves torn between professional contacts and emerging scientific evidence - a growing conflict of interest.

We can only hang our heads in shame if we allow commerce and industry to dictate the health and wellbeing of our future generations. We may be keeping silent to take advantage of the huge financial gains to be had with this latest technology - but only time will show the massive impact on health - and therefore on our Health Service - of pulsed microwave radiation.

Cllr Sylvia Wright
Essington S Staffordshire

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


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