Cellular Telephones and Cancer

Second Scientific Critisim of the Danish Cohort Study on Cancer from Mobile phone use

Here is a link to Lennart Hardells and Kjell Hanson Milds criticism of the recent Danish Cohort study into mobile use and cancer.

I take it for granted you have already seen the study and Dr. George Carlos criticism of the same study.

If not let me know and I will forward them.

Michael from the Danish Group “Our childrens future” sent this to me. It is for free use and spreading to others.


Best regards.



The Danish cell phone study


A very interesting chapter in the "Mobile Telecommunications chapter" in the Volkswagen manual

Attached here is a translation from Danish to English of the communications leaflet in a Volkswagen manual.


I wonder where they got information that the NRPB/HPA, INCIRP and WHO do not seem to have been able to find.

The leaflet is translated as near to the Danish original as possible, (but I plead guilty of colouring red where I found thing were very important.)

The original scanning in Danish (quite a poor one) exists here with me, and can be forwarded if wanted.

The original was sent to me by Michael Schultz of the Danish Group “Our Childrens Future” which I thank him for as I see this as a very important document.

Eileen O´Connor of Radiation Research UK has sent the translation to Ofcom as she has a theory about that mobile telecommunications equipment or mobile telephones started the blaze at the Bouncefield oildepot this year, and if you read down the first red text, VW claims that the radiation from mobile telecommunications equipment can, if wrongly installed, cause sparks to develop.

Eileens theory was disregarded by Ofcom when she asked them to investigate, and did not figure in the investigations made by the team who investigated the blaze.

Best regards.


The Danish cell phone study

Commentary on George Carlo’s report on the Danish cell phone study


Cellular Telephones and Cancer

Source of Funding and Results of Studies of Health Effects of Mobile Phone Use: Systematic Review of Experimental Studies


The complete lack of government help have been very unpleasant


Informant: Martin Weatherall

VeriChip Corporation Reports Year End Hospital and Physician Enrollments for its VeriMed Patient Identification System


Informant: Marie Buchanan



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