Understanding electrical hypersensitivity (EHS)

I am heading the Dutch working group on electrical hypersensitivity (named WEO) and try to understand our mutual EHS problem on the basis of the reports from the 300 members of the WEO. Most of them suffer from EHS. We do everything we can to to find out to which specific electromagnetic field type individuals develop an intolerance, what can be done to diminish their discomfort, and to increase public awareness.

To draw additional attention from authorities, we organized an international symposium on December 8 in Utrecht, on the topic "Understanding electrical hypersensitivity -EHS". We invited professor Norbert Leitgeb as a keynote speaker. Five national experts illuminated the EHS problem from the standpoint of the suffering electrostress victim. And I must say that this meeting was a success, even though we attracted only a small crowd of about 65 participants.

The main point is that by having organized this open event, we gain courage. We hope to establish a national tradition of information exchange with authorities that are not under the influence/dictate of the WHO. This should inspire health authorities and communities to care for people whose problems are not understood and who need assistance for creating electrically clean places at home and in workplaces. Similar promising initiatives are taking place now in the community of Stockholm.

It is time now for an upgrading of our organization. Our WEO will continue to exist. But for increasing our pressure on health authorities and civil servants at different levels, we are in the process of establishing the Foundation EHS ('Stichting EHS'), as a legal body for fund raising and streamlining PR and administrative procedures. Emphasis is laid also on the training of a group of EMF measuring specialists which have a two-fold task: (1) finding out which fields and which physical field parameters are causing the problems, and (2) suggest field sanitation measures.

You may find the proceedings of the Symposium in the attached file.


More information is available at the website of the WEO http://www.electroallergie.org . In due time, this website will be discontinued and reappear under the name http://www.stichtingehs.nl .

Hugo Schooneveld



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