Listening for Cancer

December 12, 2004


Three years ago, the nanotechnology expert James Gimzewski realized something startling about human cells: since they have many tiny moving parts, they might be producing tiny vibrations. And since all vibrations produce noise, it would be theoretically possible to listen to the sound of a cell. Gimzewski set about adapting an extremely small device to measure these vibrations and then with another device proceeded to amplify them loud enough for human ears. He discovered that a yeast cell produced about 1,000 vibrations a second. When he amplified the signal, a musical hum filled the room. ''It wasn't at all what I expected,'' he recalls. ''It sounded beautiful.''

Beautiful, and also potentially revolutionary. Gimzewski says that his technique could become a unique tool in the war against cancer: to figure out if a cell is malignant, doctors could simply listen to it.

When a cell turns cancerous, its internal machinery alters: it might divide more rapidly, and its walls could take a new shape. Those changes, Gimzewski surmises, would produce distinctive rates of vibration and thus distinctive noises. He has already measured the acoustics of some cells going through death cycles. When he measured an inert yeast cell, its lack of movement produced a dead-sounding hiss. And when he immersed a bunch of yeast in alcohol, the cells emitted a creepy ''screaming'' sound as they suddenly perished. Even minute changes -- like getting warmer -- make the cells sing differently. Gimzewski calls his technique sonocytology, and in August he published the first paper on this field in the journal Science.

Gimzewski's work has attracted some unusual enthusiasts. Representatives of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi contacted him (''they apparently thought I'd discovered 'the language of life,''' he says), and a horror-movie director asked if he could use the sound of screaming cells in his soundtrack. But cancer specialists are seriously interested, and Gimzewski is now trying to adapt his device to listen to human cells.

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The New York Times Company http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/12/magazine/12LISTENING.html

Visible proof of chemtrails existance, DVTB tower radiation, star structure visualised by chemtrails



Proof for existence of magnetic properties of pictured clouds as described in Welsbach's patent.

Welsbach's patent (288,5KB) is an invention purchased and patented by Hughes Aerospace of Los Angeles from two Chinese scientists I-Fu Shih and David Chang.

Station of digital television in Hamburg*** shows star structure of its electromagnetic radiation through chemtrails which are mixture of barite with aluminium microdust sprayed in the atmosphere by army aircrafts allover the world according to secret plans.

Propaganda ridicules these theories providing explanations like airplanes exhaust fumes or signal gases.

Picture #1 for the first time in the world we can see magnetic features of so called "exhaust fumes". These features are clearly arriving from Welsbach's patent about chemtrails: aluminium dust reflects UV radiation and creates electromagnetic field with barite.

Picture #1 is the first proof of chemtrails existence. This picture shows that electromagnetic field intensity changed structure of this cloud to star shaped regardless strong wind (5°).

This proofs that clouds are electromagnetic sensitive and considering that vapour does not have this sensitiveness it proofs that these are not exhaust fumes or steam but chemtrails made of aluminium dust sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

***DVTB station in Hamburg has strengthen its power in order to provide better reception of TV programmed. Influence of human health has not yet been analyzed neither studied. This is potential source of health hazard for citizens of large cities like Hamburg or Munich

Additional photo taken at 6 PM. Check for more at Streifen am Himmel

Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany

Krzysztof Puzyna

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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