India wakes up on radiation hazards

Centre wakes up to radiation hazards


NEW DELHI: The government has finally woken up to the health hazards due to mobile telephony. Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC), under the department of telecommunications (DoT), is formulating guidelines on installation of cellular mobile towers and use of mobile phones.

“A lot of reports have come on the adverse impact of electromagnatic waves in microwave range on human health. Therefore, we are formulating guidelines on mobile towers and phones,” said Maya Saxena, a deputy director general of TEC. Mobile towers continuously emit radiation. Some studies have that these radiations cause fatigue, headache, sleep disruption and loss of memory. Mobile telephone industry, however, says that there is no evidence of health hazards due to mobile phones.

“At present, there are no guidelines on mobile handsets and erection of mobile towers. This is a serious issue and the health ministry and the communications ministry should formulate some guidelines,” said B C das, director of Institute of Cytology and Presentive Oncology under the government of India. He explained that when the technologies come to India there are lot of manipulations. Therefore, we do not know whether the final product arriving in India is based on the same guideliens that are stipulated in the US and Europe.

Health hazards of mobile telephony is of interest due to growth in the consumer base. A large number of studies have not found any indication of short or medium term impact on human beings. However, there are some studies that suggest that the microwave radiations cause effect biological tissues in animals resulting in the growth of certain tumors, cell death and increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, there is an indication that microwave radiations may have adverse impact on human health.

“Some studies suggest that radiations can even cause cancer. However, it is not yet confirmed. Such studies are less in number. Most of these studies are conducted in the US and Europe. No laboratory has done any study in India,” said Mr Das.

“Some reports suggest that there are certain neurological effects of radiations if human bodies are exposed to it for a long period. They may also damage DNA. Only long-term studies can confirm this,” said Mr Das.

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Informant: Iris Atzmon


India wakes up on radiation hazards

Read the enclosed information with regards to the rise in breast cancer in India. It's mainly in the urban areas, I wonder why? Thank God they are waking up to the radiation hazards.


Best wishes

Eileen O'Connor
Trustee - EM Radiation Research Trust


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