A higher risk of childhood leukemia, particularly of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), was linked to high magnetic field (MF) exposure



Dear Olle: I found this interesting information regarding the MTHFR C677T gene in regard to Leukemia.


This may be a duplicate of what I recently sent. In any case, not necessary to respond, etc.

The mutation (homogenous thermolabile form - MTHFR C677T) was identified in Bud when we both went for the methacholine challenge at the University of Minnesota Oncology Lab (saw a Hematologist) in order to determine our homocysteine levels. Indications for both of us are that the levels were considered to be normal primarily because were were both taking B-vitamins and folic acid.

I called the University geneticist and he told me it wasn't necessary to have our children be checked for the mutation. I was very surprised!! He basically acted like "no big deal -- forget about it.......!!!!

Now, I know that he knew EMF's were probably the explanation (the mutation appears to be linked to chemotherapy -- or "toxic exposures) and he didn't want to get involved in the EMF issue. I naturally brought up the subject of the two high voltage powerlines only 50 ft. from the front of our house.

I really knew better at the time this happened but didn't know what to do about it. Now I am thinking of writing to the National Institute of Health to at least get this documented from my end and to also send copies to the geneticist himself as well as an administrator of the University.

Take care - Joanne

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