Asking for details about computer radiation

First I want to thank you personally and other members of the Citizens' Initiative Omega for creating a major source of information about e smog and its components. So much is known but finding this information and assembling it into a presentation is not so easy.

I am writing this to request information of a specific kind.

I would like to help in the work to alert more people about the dangers of e smog and its components now and in the near future. I would like to focus on computer radiation. I have found very little specific information about this on the net. Computer radiation concerns have been overshadowed by cell (mobile) phone system, power line radiation, dirty electricity etc

I am a medical doctor and have now a good sense of the bodies electrical and magnetic fields which maintain health.The book 'Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance' by James Oschman is very useful when exploring this area. It makes clear how the bodies own EMF field can be compromised by external EMF pollution. I feel comfortable about writing more about this and saying it in a way the public can grasp, and can give good references.

I have also a sense of the general problem how external EMF fields interfere with the electrical and magnetic fields of the body. Much of the work has been done in Russia and China and is not easily available in English. I would welcome more information.

My colleague and I wish to spread information about the computer radiation component of e smog and how it disturbs the body. More and more people are living intimately with computers often a room full of them. Children use them for long periods while playing games, e visiting with friends, doing homework etc etc. Hospitals are full of them. Computers and computing elements are everywhere in the modern community and now even in the less modern.etc I need say no more to you. The hours spent in contact with computers and the power and number of computers are multiplying

Reducing the total radiation means reducing whatever source can be reduced! And reducing the bodies sensitivity to the radiation

So my specific request about computer radiation which you could perhaps send out to your readers.

Can you send links to locations where there is specific information about computer radiation for example:

* Detailed mapping of the EMF field around a computer. Measurements and a note on how they were made would be valuable information about the frequencies would be very valuable too. Certain frequencies are more bio- active than others. Where are the studies? Who is working at this?

* Studies about the symptoms generated by computer work. I expect that there are studies in the field of protection of workers, studies regarding the pros and cons of introducing computers in education etc., epidemiological studies too.

* Detailed reports about the nature of symptoms and sicknesses generated by by use of computers over longer periods probably questionnaire based

* Statements from those who react to computers and their electromagnetic fields. Stories that will be meaningful. Personal stories will not be published if this is requested.

I have been working with this problem for 4 years now and find myself with a strong intuitive understanding of the problem but not enough details to be able to convince those who are on the edge of understanding but need more details. I would like to be presenting this material on the net, in popular magazines etc. perhaps a book I promise to pull what I receive together and send out a report to whomever sends me data as well as others who request this.

At this time I am convinced by what I have learned that the damage done by EMF, esmog pollution will be devastating if we cannot reach people and develop a popular awareness that activates local groups to insist that telecommunication and power transmission be redesigned. So that you and I are not exposed to frequencies that interfere with the bodies music... more technically the bioresonant template that keep us and other creatures healthy.

I will appreciate all responses to this request.

Warren Brodey M.D.



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