I put my neighbour in an ambulance tonight knowing she probably won't survive the massive stroke she had, yet 30 mins before we were chatting happily together. Her husband died instantly of a heart attack in January before the ambulance arrived. My other neighbour lies in a hospital bed, off a life support machine, but with only slight movement and staring blankly at one and all. At the end of last year 4 neighbours in other flats died suddenly and unexpectedly. So only 2 flats in the two blocks of 4 flats remain without any serious injury or death - mine and one in the other block. Common denominator? TETRA I can't prove it but I feel it and it is hitting the aerial on the roof of this block and disrupting the video, and now even taking the picture off channel - my licence is cancelled off 31st July.

Last week my neighbour was out and about and chatting and laughing - we had a lull in the high power testing signals that sensitive people in the area were suffering with, including me. Then bang, all hell let loose over the weekend and all the birds disappeared, even the pigeons, magpies and jackdaws! The seagulls were screeching furiously and flying in circles as if a massive storm was imminent and then they cleared the area, too. The same was happening over Bognor with the seagulls but I have no info about the other birds from that area. I don't care what the Government, Airwave, HPA, say - only TETRA causes that. That is the only time the birds clear the area suddenly and then slowly return a few days/weeks later all bedraggled and scared. There are 8 or 9 back of the birds who are regulars of 50+ birds we had last week to include the fledglings. No babies came with them.

Yes, maybe TETRA gets mixed with 3G or whatever, but the killer here is TETRA - instant, harsh, vicious and cruel. Those who allowed this technology to be used are mindlessly cruel. I could be more specific but I won't, not today, but someday - readers will get my drift.

I write this with the pain of grief and fury of hot anger, but that anger will cool to razor sharp steel and then the warpath will begin. The grief will never go until no one suffers anymore from microwave radiation and in particular, TETRA. I will hold these feelings deep inside to fire my path and it sure as hell is WAR.

I make no apologies for this message. It is time it was said. If anyone objects they can ask Mast Sanity to cancel me off the list.

I am now on a mission and if I have to do it alone, then I still will. Database of the evidence of ill health, a website SOON, seeking info, seeking ways - I WILL find ways!

It is no good to keep talking and debating and seeking scientific proof. We need to join together and tell all of them "NO MORE - IT STOPS NOW!"

Many might not agree but I don't care. This is what I want to do and WILL do for all those who are ill and suffering. I am being zapped now so lets bring it on.

Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe is right and I have kicked my heels too long while people talk and debate and try to get a credible reputation with those who are using us as guinea pigs - pigs to the slaughter- the expendables - IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE?

Not me I would rather go down fighting in the true Spiritual Warrior style of my ancestors the Lakota Sioux.

Sandi Lawrence
Mast Sickness

The Native American Ten Commandments:

Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect

Show great respect for your fellow beings

Work together for the benefit of all Mankind

Give assistance and kindness wherever needed

Look after the well being of mind and body

Remain close to Great Spirit

Do what you know to be right

Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good

Be truthful and honest at all times

Take full responsibility for your actions.


Warpath warning

I feel your anger and give you my full support. I think you absolutely right. The people who are consciously causing this can only be called traitors to the human race. They must be evil people who lie as a mater of course. People with no conscience or remorse. The sooner the glare of truth shows them up for what they really are, the better. Truth shall be our worthy weapon. We must take no prisoners. Those who have lied to us must be made to feel the full embarrassment of exposure. Their wilful actions must never be forgotten. They must be like pariahs in a just society. The left over remnants from when an evil few tried to control the minds of humanity.



I hear the drumbeat calling


I share your rage, and will join the quest.

We need to rally the people affected by Tetra before they disappear off the planet. We are all so fragmented. Our stories individually are discounted.

I think we need to become a united force that must get medical sponsorship. I think this is the only compelling way in which we have any hope in getting the law changed. One person crying in the wilderness is getting hoarse. We need to gather the numbers and create a cacophony.

Andy, Do you have a database of people? I can start pulling the health surveys and anyone with Tetra I can call and talk to them to see if they are willing to go public. I also will see if I can get a friend of mine to look into possible sources of small pockets of funding.

Are there any other people on the list suffering from an autoimmune disorder like Multiple Sclerosis or ME or Arthritis? I know that my Neurologist Prof Hawkins is aware there is a problem. He has indicated to me that he is tied if he is approched as an NHS doctor, but if approached as a private patient he is not so constrained. He has testified to BBC Midlands today that he believes there is a problem with low level emissions and that it can effect on MS but we are only one voice - we need to gather more.



Hi Sandi

and all others who have responded to her re turning up the heat. I am back in the saddle after burying my sister yesterday. It will be no surprise to anyone that she lived for many years in the bogi of many mobile phone masts. Her health took a serious turn for the worst when a TMob "temporary" mast was erected right opposite her house - and was left there for 8 months! - only being removed in late June. At the same time that my sister's health worsened, her son, who lives with her, had to take 8 weeks off work as he began having more and more asthma attacks.

I believe that Sandi is right - we are all being used as guinea pigs - the new system of notification by GP's (QMAS) is a surefire way of the authorities "observing" effects on the unwashed masses. We are seeing the results all around us but, as Nancy has said, our GP's are unable to do anything but log.

I am with you, Sandi, all the way - whatever we can do to effect change, I believe we should do it.



I think we all need to be able to assume and agree on 3 things:

1/ That radiation from mobile phones, masts, tetra etc. does cause health problems and that we have plenty of evidence to back that up. (No need to argue this point then.)

2/ That the mobile phone industry and the British Government (and other governments) have access to, and have had brought explicitly to their attention the same evidence and are therefore aware of this reality. (Or at very least that the technology is not reliably safe.)

3/ That the fore mentioned bodies are, for whatever reason, failing to publicly acknowledge that reality.

Arguments that suggest that the government or the MPOs (Mobile Phone Operators) have a right to ignore this evidence or are justified in ignoring it have no place in this forum. (Some people may think mobile communication is more important than peoples' lives and health but I suggest those people leave this forum and go take a walk in a mine field.) However reporting that the MPOs and Government feel they do have this right or justification is fine so long as we understand they are at fault in doing so.

Frans might be reporting that they are simply too set in their ideas to acknowledge it. He may be saying that this is an obstacle we need to carefully navigate, rather than saying it is pointless trying to change it. Unfortunately the distinction has not been made clear.

I personally don't believe this to be the case because there are too many individual people in these institutions to all be brainwashed in this way. We have all come across people who don't want to know/think about this problem but persistent solid arguments almost always go some way towards opening people's minds. I think most of us would agree that there are people with hidden agendas in influential positions that are consciously working to bury the truth. And it is these people who I would like to see held up and publicly exposed for all that they are.

I would also argue that if this were to be the case then they are still at fault through gross negligence.

While I agree that there are forces working against us I feel if our arguments are clear and logical, those trying to oppose us will eventually trip themselves up.



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