Global Umberella Organization for Protection from Non-thermal EMFs and EMR

Ladies and Gentlemen:

My name is Kyong H. Nam who have been living, for the last 23 years, under the HV power line which is proposed to be upgraded from 138 KV to 230 KV with 5-fold power increase. I have brought up 3 children from young ages. My home is in a small community called Tsawwassen in BC, Canada.

I have spent last one and half years to study EMFs and EMR health hazards. I have found many brilliant scientists, engineers, organizations and individuals who sacrificed time and money to protect affected people from non-thermal EMFs and EMR. Excellent in their efforts, but the results were minimal because of big and powerful hands like ICNIRP, WHO, utility companies and governments.

In a couple of hours, BC Utility Commission (BCUC) will hand down their decision. Regardless of the decision, I am proposing a "Global Umbrella Organization for Protection from Non-thermal EMFs and EMR (GUOPNE)" to counter ICNIRP/WHO, governments and utility companies. Without such a Global Umbrella Organization, it would take decades more for the affected people to be protected from non-thermal EMFs and EMR like tobacco smokes. GUOPNE should not forget to embrace Eastern countries like Russia and China.

Is there anyone who would like to initiate organizing the guide-less people to a powerful organization? Please comment. Please relay this message to the interested people.

Kyong H. Nam / Tsawwassen
namlaser at yahoo.com


I am in full agreement that we need a "people's" organization to coordinate information, and to assist in testimony and litigation where necessary. Also, alternate sound engineering technologies are available but the utilities would rather spend 10 to 30 percent death and suffering of the population as casualties of undetermined cause, than they would to spend the necessary investment in better technology.

I have outlined the structure of such an organization, which tentatively, I have called the International Institute for Electric and Electromagnetic Effects on Health (IIEEEH). You may have a better name.

The Institute can be registered as a limitied liability company (LLC) with volunteer officers with travel expenses for meetings, paid secretary and office staff as necessary.

The Institute could also serve as publisher of authentic, science-based research such as many EMF investigators have difficulty getting published in the so-called major journals. I find that the vested interests in corporate and government financial grants take priority over public good, at most of our major universities and government agencies. They have no interest in learning more about EMF. It might jeopardize their Pot-O-Gold. All of the above costs money and time commitments. However, we have the people on our side when they begin to realize that they have chronic EMF exposure in their homes that can account for some of the stress syndrome -- Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, many forms of cancer, and impaired immune system in animals as well as humans. I am currently collecting additional exposure data on a farm where a transmission line was constructed between two buildings with a small distance between, in preparation for a court case.

I have observed some very talented persons contributing to the EMF blogs that I receive. Perhaps one of you could take it on. Thank you!

I had hopes of organizing this myself, but at age 77, Mary and I have concluded that we already have more commitments than we are likely to get done, before we join her Sister Maristella. Sister Maristella (Order of The Precious Blood) succumbed to cancer after living in a hermitage under a transmission line on a Benedictine Monastery in Saskatchewan, and finally died in Windsor, Ont, 1999. This nun was a graduate of University of Michigan Law School, Suum cum laude. She practiced law in Chicago for 10 years with Lord, Bissel and Cadyke and was offered a full partnership if she would stay with the firm. She, in her good wit said, "No, I'm goin to work for another Lord!"

She wrote to us about the transmission line which she thought was making her sick, and suggested that I contact Dr. Andrew Marino at Louisiana State University Medical Center, who was a pioneer in the field, and see what I could do about it. We did that some years after, when it was too late.

When one considers the enormity of the Senior Citizen's groups budgets that began with a $5.00 (U.S$) membership fee, I believe the money is there for the asking, and we need to start asking, in magazines, news paper advertisements, radio, etc. I 'm skeptical about government sources, but we now have some Township governing Boards that are speaking up for the residents, or rather the residents are speaking up and the Boards are listening. They are unlikely to spend real money for national and international information, promotion. But the people are glad to have a knowledgeable source come and represent them. That's hard to do if you don't have a support base, or something to sell.

I have started an information campaign with the Michigan Legislature, and since this is an election year, we will have candidates asking each other "What are you doing about the pollution, and collusion?"

Remember, a dozen Jewish boys changed the nature of people all over the earth for some 2000 years. It was a struggle for truth and many became martyrs! Keep plugging!

Don Hillman
donag1 at aol.com


Dr. Nam,

We are all awaiting news of your decision. I am in Ontario just north of Toronto and was expecting some news from Maureen Broadfoot earlier today but I guess there has been some delay. I am with the Stop Transmission Lines Over People (STOP) Committee.

I have read many of your letters and reports circulated to those with similar interests and concerns. Sharing the expertise has been beneficial and helpful to many including our group. We thank you for your efforts.

Dr. David Fancy and Martin Weatherall have begun the type of "umbrella organization" you are referring to. They are working under the name SWEEP. Are you in touch with them? I have by copy included them in this response and hope they can assist you in your proposal.

I agree that Internationally there are many who share the respective concerns that would make a unified organization carry further power and credibility. You have many contacts on this list and I will provide an additional contact in the Newfoundland area .(Gerald Higgins) E-mail Address(es): gerryhiggins50 at hotmail.com

Gerry Higgins has been raising awareness of the effects associated with transformers and cancer cases in his home town of Norris Arm. He has asked for an Independent funded study to be conducted for years.

Please let us know of your local decision when you are able.


Sue Fusco


Hi Kyong

Your idea is very good and very worth while.

An office location would be needed and professional staff. If there was money available or funding from government, there would be a much better chance of getting this organization off the ground. I have approached the only wealthy person that I know and was unsuccessful in getting funding for a similar cause. If you or any contacts can find funding, I am sure we could start an organization very quickly. I am willing to assist.

Best wishes

Martin Weatherall


Dr Nam,

I am sorry to hear of the results of the BC organization, but your campaign has inspired and informed many people nonetheless.

I have also read many of your posts and letters, and it is wonderful that a researcher with your level of expertise has been working so directly to affect local policy.

As Sue Fusco mentioned, Martin Weatherall and myself have been working to establish a Canadian Initiative (SWEEP) that will help accelerate connections between existing infromation by providing information, relaying contacts, and in many cases where possible direclty helping those living with electrohypersensitivity. We have hesitated using the descriptor of 'umbrella' for SWEEP as we simply don't have the resources to do this type of organizing, and also philosophically believe that people empowered to make change in their local communities is an excellent first objective.

However, your idea of a global initiative is a particularly good one, and I think that a way forward would be to establish a working commitee of individuals already working in the activist field from each country where such advocacy is taking place. This committee could then issue a statement as a starting point. At the moment, all my activist energies are going into pulling together sufficient materials for an excellent website to inform publics in Canada and beyond, and I have been getting some excellent help and advice from Magda Havas on this. Once this website is up I would be pleased to stand as one of a number of Canadians on a form of international inaugural committee. Perhaps you will join me? Sue, Magda, Martin? We could facilitate a statement for an intitial platform and help further circulate Dr Nam's suggestion?



Dear Kyong

I am sorry to hear this.

You are right about forming a group to challenge WHO and ICNIRP and the Governments of this world, the world of FREEDOM??? More like FREEDOM for industry to do what they like.

Best wishes

Eileen O'Connor
Trustee EM Radiation Research Trust


Hi Friends:

Here are my thoughts of GUOPNE (inmterim).


July 18, 2006

I thank everybody who sent valuable comments and ideas on my appeal to organize GUOPNE (interim). There seem to be many people and local organizations that have thought of the similar organization. By many reasons the ideas have not been materialized yet. Many people might have done groundwork with lots progress. Therefore somebody may suspect my ego and credential.

I am a senior, still working in laser development and applications. I am an electrical engineer and high power laser scientist who do not have any expertise in EMF and EMR. My family and I are EMF affected people. I wanted to see a global body that can lead powerless EMF victims like my family and me in EMF fighting. Other than that I do not have any ambition to take somebody else's glory. I hereby make it clear that I do not have any ego to become a champion of the global organization. We should all work together.

Having said that I would like to propose the following macro-timetable to fulfill the goal.

To the end of September 2006--- Suggestions and discussions (Extended due to summer vacation)

By the end of this year -- Analyze and recommend the discussion results.

By the end of 2008 --- Each country completes establishment of its database and network for its members. Select one or more representatives from each country.

By the end of 2011 --- The representatives shall form a steering committee. The steering committee shall select the name and write the charter of the organization. Completion of global database and network for the members. If possible call a conference. Video Conference may be one way of achieving it.

This timetable is also for discussions. This is big task that may require a large amount of money eventually. But let us approach the task from a different perspective. We have to realize the fact that we have a formidable modern tool, the "Internet". I have seen a country electing its president by Internet power. That is the tool, which provides us chance to communicate each other. We already have a minimal network that can be nurtured to be the seed of the global network (organization).

When I said "Global Umbrella Organization", I meant an Electronic Network (Organization) or E-Network. This way we should be able to make quite success with shoestring budget. We may ask minimal membership fee. If the organization can prove its effectiveness, money may not be a big problem. There are millions potential members, the people living near to HV power lines or around Cell phone antennas. The organization can start with a small task as putting out unified information. It is my experience that many sources putting out the same news in many contradicting ways. (Example).

WHO has tried to normalize the EMF guidelines without too much success especially with eastern countries. Western arrogance was the main reason for the failure. We have to reach out to include eastern countries with humility. To the West, the East seemed backwards in many ways. But it was the Soviet Union that shocked the entire world when it launched the first satellite into space in 1957. Remember that Russia was the country which kept the space station alive during the period of space shuttle absence.

There are many good articles on non-thermal EMF health hazards by individuals, institutes and groups. But it will be very hard if not possible to move WHO and utility giants that resembles a herd of elephants. Even the good articles are like specks of ant bites to them. We have to be a swarm of ants to beat the herd of giant elephants.





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