Russia and RF bioeffects

Hi Klaus: With "World Wide Waves" premiering at Moscow's International Film Festival, in a few weeks time, it is apt to draw attention again to the cited opinion of the Russian National Committee on Non-Iniozing radiation Protection (RNCNIRP) regards bioeffects of cellphone radiation. Among the recommendations the RNCNIRP approved at its September 2001 session were these:
  • "1.1 Non-use of cell phones by children under the age of 16
    1.2 Non-use of cell phones by pregnant women.
    1.3 Non-use of cell phones by persons suffering from neurological conditions or diseases, including neurasthenia or dysthymic disorders, mental disorders, neuroses, intellectual and memory impariment, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and epileptic predisposition." (excerpted)
Dr. Vladimir N. Binhi, head of the Radiobiology Laboratory at the General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, in his letter of February 2003 captioned "Report from Russia--Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health" states:

"The U.S. standards and those proposed by WHO are 100 times more lenient, depending on frequency range, than the Russian standards, which are based on the observed biological effects of chronic EM exposures. There are a lot of similar gaps in EM safety standards in other countries, too. It indicates that the standards should be harmonized; people are equal in their wish to be in a healthy environment."(excerpted)

To locate online the "Report from Russia" plus proceedings of the third international conference in Russia of EMF and Human Health access http://www.emrnetwork.org .Then press on the "Regulations" box along left vertical margin. When opened, scroll to "International" and click on "Report from Russia--Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health by Vladimir N. Binhi."
access http://www.protestsussexfromtetra.org.uk/articles.asp
and then press on this article from home page.

Another useful reference to Russian research (all far more favourable to us and the idea of us being affected non-thermally) is at:

Best, Imelda, Cork.


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