Approval of Bt11 Maize Endangers Humans and Livestock

The European Commission ended 6 years of de facto moratorium on GM authorization by approving Syngenta’s Bt11 sweet corn for food use in Europe on 19 May 2004 (see Box 1). That, despite the fact that voting by experts last December in the EU’s Standing Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health was an even 6-6 country split with three abstentions. Finland, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, and Spain voted in favour; Greece, Denmark, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal voted against; and Belgium, Italy and Germany abstained. The same split happened at the Council of Ministers on 27 April, but this time Italy voted in favour, while Spain abstained.

Read further under: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Bt11.php

A shot in the dark

For those interested in the creative use of statistics to perpetrate
perhaps the biggest medical fraud of the 20th century see the article
on polio and pesticides in "The Ecologist", available at:

Don Maisch

Not Just for Privates’ Eyes: American Prisons

Historically, penology has been intertwined with modernity. It was central to the ideological debates started by the European Enlightenment. It was -- and remains -- on the battle lines of separation between discriminatory ideologies and egalitarian principles. It bears on the important issues of social control, social reform, political repression, and the use of discretionary power. The systematic and excessive maltreatment of mostly innocent people by the American occupiers in Iraq must be situated in such a broad socio-historical context....


Just when Iraq gets ugly, neocons talk of taking over the world

The war in Iraq has gotten so ugly that even some nervous-Nellie conservatives have started wondering whether George W. Bush bit off more than the United States can chew.


From Information Clearing House

Saudi Envoy: Iraq War Was 'Colonial' and About Oil

The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was a colonial war and there were some in the United States who saw it as a means of getting their hands on Iraqi oil, a senior Saudi ambassador was quoted as saying Monday.


From Information Clearing House

The myth of the reluctant occupier

Iraq is a strategic prize in the Arab world with huge reserves of oil. America will stay put.


From Information Clearing House



je naturbelassener unsere Lebensmittel, desto gesünder für uns. Je denaturierter, desto kränker werden wir davon. Was uns jedoch die genmanipulierte Nahrung an neuen Krankheiten bescheren wird, ist dagegen noch gar nicht absehbar!

Darum habe ich mich dem untenstehenden Einspruch angeschlossen und bitte alle Empfänger um freundliche Beachtung dieser Aktion.

Viele Grüße
Uwe Görke

Schickt noch heute Euren Einspruch an die WTO ab!


George Bush benutzt die Welthandelsorganisation (WTO), um die Zulassung genetisch veränderter Lebensmittel in der Europäischen Union zu erzwingen. Ihr könnt helfen, das zu verhindern: erhebt Einspruch!

Die Gentechnik-Konzerne haben Milliarden investiert - in die Entwicklung gentechnisch veränderter Organismen (GVO), die niemand braucht und keiner will. Die Verbreitung solcher Produkte nehmen Verbrauchern die Möglichkeit, gentechnikfreie Lebensmittel zu kaufen, treiben Kleinbauern in aller Welt in die Abhängigkeit von großen Konzernen und verstärken Hungerkrisen in Entwicklungsländern. Zudem weiß niemand, welche Risiken für Umwelt und Gesundheit in GVOs stecken.

Um den Weltmärkten dennoch GVOs aufzuzwingen, haben die USA Klage bei der WTO eingereicht. Die Europäische Union behindere in illegitimer Weise den Handel mit GVOs. Wenn ihr die WTO Recht gibt, muss nicht nur die EU die Einfuhr und den Anbau von GVOs in immer größerem Ausmaß erlauben. Der Klagefall dient auch als Drohung an andere Länder, keine Gesetze gegen GVOs einzuführen.

Das lassen wir uns nicht gefallen: Schickt noch heute online euren
Einspruch an die WTO ab: http://www.genug-wto.de

Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'

"Regardless of whose responsibility I think it is, somebody has screwed up. ... it should be evident to everybody that they've screwed up. And whose heads are rolling on this?"

Gen. Anthony Zinni

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Informant: Patriot

Climate change rises on global agenda

FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (AP) — The rising sea is eating at the shores of low-slung Funafuti, a spit of coral and coconut palms in the remote Pacific. Unseen fingers of ocean even reach beneath the sands, surfacing inland in startling places, among nervous islanders.

"It used to be puddles. Now it's like lakes," said Hilia Vavae, local meteorologist...

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Informant: Geraldo Cienmarcos

Nicht das Foltern, der gute Ruf ist das Thema

Krieg und Profit gehörten schon immer zusammen. Kein Wunder, dass jetzt - nach weltweiter Kritik an den Folterungen im Irak - US-Bosse um den guten Ruf der US-Wirtschaft fürchten.


Can Iraq Get Any Worse?



Possible Deleterious Effects of Physiologically Significant Radiation Pressure Exposures

Robert C. Kane, Ph.D.

The Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists, P.O. BOX 133, Blanchardville, WI, 53516-0133, USA

Summary Portable communication devices that have become globally utilized during the past decade are principally electromagnetic field emitters: that is, photon emitters. Although commonly neglected for consideration, due to its inconsequential magnitude for most circumstances, the radiation pressure associated with some of these portable communication devices provides forces on the order of magnitude of piconewtons, which is identically the magnitude of force that has been demonstrated to deform and initiate dissociation (melting) of the DNA molecule. No similar comparison of radiation pressure experienced from our sun may be made due to the spectral content of solar radiation which reaches a maximum in the visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum and diminishes rapidly with increasing wavelength. However, portable hand-held radiating devices, virtually unknown prior to the 1990s, motivate us to make a calculated scrutiny of a force, radiation pressure, previously held to be of no consequence to life on earth.

We propose that the presence of such an anisotropic exogenous force may modify the otherwise unimpeded propagation of DNA repair enzymes and proteins and may deleteriously influence temporally sensitive DNA repair mechanisms. Consequently, unmitigated DNA base-bond damage may become “fixed” within the molecule during a subsequent molecular replication process and possibly lead to mutagenic transformation and neoplastic disease.

Robert C. Kane, Ph.D. FAX: 608 523-6500; E-mail: rkane@tds.net http://www.emfbioeffects.org

Key words: radiation pressure; repair enzyme, protein, radiofrequency radiation; RF; microwave; DNA; mutagenic.


The double helix DNA macromolecule is subject to continual attack and damage from reactive species, principally free-radical ions, within each cell by virtue of its very existence within the human body, a biologically dynamic medium. Each DNA molecule in the body is subject to many thousands of damage inducing events daily: approximately once every few seconds on average. In order to cope with this onslaught, a complex complement of repair mechanisms, primarily comprised of proteins and enzymes, has developed to effectively stabilize the DNA molecule and neutralize an inherent tendency toward genomic dissociation.

The DNA repair enzyme/protein acquires energy by dissociating from the DNA backbone and, subsequently, translocating along the DNA backbone to propagate to a defect site and thence catalyze a base-bond repair or initiate an excision repair of a damaged DNA segment. A repair enzyme/protein carries this process forward primarily via chemical energy exchange, in addition to interaction with electrostatic forces, endogenous photons, and phonons.

It is noted that in order for a repair process to be carried to completion it is a necessary prerequisite that a participating protein/enzyme must first satisfy certain conformational configuration requirements, with respect to the DNA molecule, at the location where the prospective repair is to be effected. If of sufficient magnitude and duration, an exogenous force exerted on the DNA molecule or protein/enzyme may result in an incompatible dimensional change in the molecule, or molecules, on which the force is imposed. Researchers have observed experimentally, by means of atomic force microscopy, that an exogenously imposed force of less than ten piconewtons produces observable DNA stretching while a force of about 65 piconewtons is sufficient to provide an approximately 60 to 70 % stretching of the DNA molecule and initiate bond dissociation. ( , , )

Time-varying/pulse-modulated electromagnetic fields, such as those induced through operation of some hand-held portable energy radiating devices, impose, seemingly, spatially stationary electric and magnetic field forces on repair enzymes and proteins. If, concomitant with or preceding the application of a radiofrequency electromagnetic field, a DNA damaging event (bond-dissociation) occurs, an applied electromagnetic field will induce electric, magnetic, and radiation forces subject to, inter alia, modulation parameters to be described below.

Macroscopically, the imposed forces and consequent accelerations are functions of pulse duration (typically microseconds to milliseconds), pulse repetition rate (typically hundreds to thousands of pulses per second), device configuration, and transmitter current. It is also particularly important to note that each energy-radiating device has associated therewith certain physical characteristics that govern the finite turn-on time, radiation settling time, and turn-off time of the transmitter; each of which may encompass a duration on the order of nanoseconds to microseconds: a time period that spans many thousands of cycles for a device such as a 2450 MHz transmitter. Such temporal characteristics are necessarily non-sinusoidal, rich in harmonic frequency content, and, therefore, asymmetric.

Researchers have also reported that intra-base charge transport effecting base-bond repair may occur over a time interval on the order of picoseconds, which corresponds to approximately 0.01 cycles of a 2450 MHz field: effectively providing invariant, or stationary, electric and magnetic field forces over the time interval.

Although a DNA repair process, itself, may proceed over a time interval of pico-seconds to nanoseconds, we do not suggest that repair proteins/enzymes can translocate along thousands or tens of thousands of bases over such a short time-span. Typically, translocation over such a distance, (tens of thousands of DNA bases), may take place over a time interval on the order of seconds. ( ) A repair protein/enzyme may propagate along the DNA backbone to sample thousands or tens of thousands of base sites in order to reach a suitable substrate at the location of a defect toward which it is propelled.( )

Generally, energy provided by endogenous photon and phonon interactions in concert with intramolecular DNA mechanisms, such as chemical reaction exchanges, may be considered as possessing a spatially random velocity, while the orientation of an exogenously imposed force of an electromagnetic field is locally, nanoscopically, determined by the configuration and physical disposition of each DNA molecule at interest, or segment thereof.

Researchers have previously reported that human cells, non-human living primates, laboratory animals, and cell cultures exposed to an electromagnetic force results in a quantified increase in observed non-repaired DNA damage, possibly related to defect repair inhibition or an increased incidence of damaging events. However, heretofore no mechanism has been proposed to adequately explain the observed effects when and where such effects have not been anticipated by virtue of the magnitude, duration, or type of exposure. ( , , , , , , )


Presently, portable hand-held transceiver devices, in use worldwide, generate, within the human body, electric field forces, FE, on the order of tens to hundreds of femtonewtons. Concurrently, such transceiver devices expose human operators to magnetic field forces, FM, on the order of piconewtons. However, at the frequencies of interest, generally the 800 MHz, 1700 MHz, and 2400 MHz bands, the temporal rate of change results in a complete reversal of the direction of these vector forces once per cycle, or approximately once per nano-second. The ultra-high frequency cyclic nature of the electric and magnetic forces results in a net force of zero, notwithstanding the appreciable instantaneous electric and magnetic forces.

Nonetheless, radiation pressure, associated with the photon energy emitted by an energy source, constitutes a radiation force, FRP, that does not reverse direction during each cycle as do the electric and magnetic forces. Therefore, a net force is imposed and quantified as the radiation pressure, which is a function of radiated power, incident energy density, and previously described parameters related to transmitter devices. ( , , , , )

dM/dT = FRP = (2 EI - EA) * A / C where M defines momentum, EA denotes absorbed energy per cubic meter, EI is the incident energy per square meter, A is the incident area, expressed as square meters, and C is the speed of light.

In the preceding it is necessary to note that in a dielectric medium of finite conductivity, such as human tissue, for example, brain tissue, the change in momentum, dM/dT, determines the radiation pressure, which occurs over an absorption volume as the penetrating energy becomes absorbed while traversing the medium. The absorption volume is characterized by intrinsic material properties, exogenous energy frequency, and constituent biological parameters such as conductivity, permittivity and multiple tissue layer thicknesses.

The volume force, FRPV exerted by the absorbed portion of the incident energy is of interest as is the absorption profile, or skin depth, which in our frequency range of interest is generally inversely related to frequency and penetrates to multiple cm depths.

For portable hand-held transceiver devices, such as those presently available, radiation pressure forces, FRPV, on the order of magnitude of piconewtons may be imposed in a human operator over a range of centimeters within the medium. This is a force magnitude similar to that which researchers have determined imposes physical deformation, stretching, of the DNA molecule and comparable to the forces of some DNA/protein interactions and, therefore, of possible physiological significance. ( ) For example, the protein, myosin, which contracts muscle fibers, generates but five piconewtons. We propose that the presence of such an anisotropic exogenous force may modify the otherwise unimpeded propagation of DNA repair enzymes and proteins and may deleteriously influence temporally sensitive DNA repair mechanisms. Consequently, unmitigated DNA base-bond damage may become “fixed” within the molecule during a subsequent molecular replication process and possibly lead to mutagenic transformation and neoplastic disease.

Yet another myth - a kind of sovereignty

Scott Burchill

First there was the "grave danger" (President Bush) posed by Saddam's WMD, which failed to materialise. Then there were the Baghdad-Al Qaeda links that couldn't be established. Along came the democratisation rationale, which only 1% of the Iraqi population believes. To replace the threat of non-existent WMD, a humanitarian argument was suddenly invoked. However, with over 11,000 innocent civilians killed by invading and occupying forces, Saddam's removal from power has actually sparked a humanitarian disaster. And far from confronting terrorists in situ as promised, Iraq has became a recruiting ground for a proliferating collection of anti-Western militants.

Now a new orthodoxy is shaping comment and analysis about events in Iraq. Let's call it the 'reluctant occupier myth'. Having removed Saddam Hussein and his cohorts from power and set Iraq on a path towards democracy, the US is now preparing to leave - the 'Vietnamisation' of Iraq. It will find a smooth way out by returning sovereignty to a new Iraqi administration, initially on 1 July through the auspices of the UN and early next year via democratic elections. Coalition forces, which don't want to be in Iraq a day longer than what is necessary to "finish the job," will stay on to "maintain' security," but only at the pleasure of a new interim Government in Baghdad.

Like the earlier myths, this one is also a fabrication.

It is difficult to see what could be more obvious than that the US is desperately trying to stay in Iraq - and specifically, in charge - as the great majority of Baghdadis at least seem to understand, judging by US-run polls. Despite disingenuous claims that coalition troops would leave if asked to by a new Iraqi authority after 1 July, Colin Powell got closer to the truth when he stated on 26 April that "I hope they [the Iraqi people] will understand that in order for this government to get up and running - to be effective - some of its sovereignty will have to be given back [to Washington]… ." Coalition troops will stay on regardless.

They may not be able to carry it off, but the Western states currently occupying Iraq hardly need advice about carrying out what they are desperately trying to avoid. What was the point of invading in the first place if they were going to get out?

Washington wants others to share the burden of political reconstruction (the UN) and rebuilding infrastructure, but it has no intention of relinquishing real control of the country to anyone, including New York or the Iraqi people. As a strategic prize in the heart of the Arab world with the world's second largest known reserves of oil, a client regime in Baghdad would be of inestimable value to the United States.

However, it is having difficulty finding a Vichy government willing to follow Washington's orders because of the domestic risks that collaborators always face. It is keen to hand over the 'nasties' like local policing and law and order to indigenous control because this will reduce coalition losses. On the other hand, the lucrative gains of economic sovereignty - including control of the oil industry, the privitisation of state owned enterprises, and opening up the economy to foreign investment and ownership - will not be matters for the discretion of a post-Saddam administration.

The world's largest embassy, which Washington intends to build in Baghdad, would not be necessary if Iraqis were going to genuinely regain control of their country. It will be a constant reminder that full sovereignty, including economic and political independence, will not be returned to them.

The US has lost the war politically. It's occupation of Iraq is the cause of regional instability and unremitting violence. It's preference for unilateralism and contempt for the UN, it's reluctance to consult with long standing friends, and its failure to reconcile its global ambitions with the limits of its power has undermined the alliance system upon which its foreign policy since 1947 has rested.

According to war historian Gabriel Kolko, the strength and influence of the US in the post-WW2 period has "largely rested on its ability to convince other nations that it was to their vital interests to see America prevail in its global role." The false pretexts used to justify the war in Iraq and the revelations of prison brutality have cost Washington considerable moral authority amongst its allies in Europe and friends in the Middle East. It has never been more military powerful but never felt less secure. It now confronts this paradox in a much less friendly and respectful world.

-- Scott Burchill

Lecturer in International Relations School of Social & International
Deakin University
221 Burwood Highway Burwood Victoria 3125 AUSTRALIA
Email: burchill@deakin.edu.au
Website: http://www.deakin.edu.au/IRonline/burchill

Informant: Chris

Weniger Sonnenlicht: Die Welt wird immer dunkler


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