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Millionen deutsche Schweine müssen jedes Jahr umziehen nach Italien und Spanien ­ eine Reise von mehr als 30 Stunden, ohne Platz, Klimaanlage und vernünftige Pausen. Um im sonnigen Süden fettgemästet oder geschlachtet zu werden. Und als Scheiben roher Schinken wieder zurückgeschickt zu werden nach Deutschland.

Solche Schweinereien lassen wir uns nicht mehr gefallen! Auch Rinder und Schafe sollen nicht länger als 6 Stunden (oder 400 Kilometer) durch Europa kutschiert werden. Die gerade gegründete Europäische Grüne Partei braucht hierfür Ihre Unterschrift! Bitte Vordruck in der Anlage (ist virusfrei) verwenden.

Vordruck siehe unter:

Sehr geehrter Herr Fischler,

Der Entwurf der Europäischen Verfassung gibt Europäischen Bürgerinnen und Bürgern das Recht um mit 1 Million Unterschriften ein Thema auf die Europäische Tagesordnung zu setzen. Dem möchten wir vorausgreifen und Sie hiermit bitten, Schluß zu machen mit unnötig langen Tiertransporten. Wir fragen Sie, ein Gesetz auszuarbeiten das Tiertransporte auf 6 Stunden und 400 Kilometer beschränkt und die Kontrolle dieser Bestimmungen garantiert.

For Natural Life on Earth!



Pls distribute wide and far !

1.000.000 signatures needed of EU citizens to force the EU to take the initiative for new legislation

ECOTERRA Intl. ( http:www.ecoterra.org.uk ) supports this campaign:


Tightly packed together millions of pigs yearly undergo the more than 30 hours¹ trip from Northern Europe to Spain and Italy. To be fattened or slaughtered upon arrival. And brought back to the North in slices raw ham.

European citizens don't take it anymore that their pigs, cows and sheep are victims of abuse. The future European constitution gives them the right to transform their anger in severe rules: with one million signatures they will be able force the EU to take the initiative for new legislation. Green parties all over Europe support them wholeheartedly by collecting signatures.

Please see and use the (virus free) form:

Dear Mr. Fischler,

Anticipating on my constitutional right* to put a subject on the European agenda together with 1 million co-Europeans, I ask you to put an end to the unnecessary lugging around of animals and therefore to prepare a law that reduces transport of livestock to 6 hours and 400 kilometers and guarantees a waterproof control of the observance of the rules.

For Natural Life on Earth!

Study Finds Top Air Polluters Closely Tied to Bush Administration

May 06, 2004

The nation's top 50 polluting power plants are owned by corporations that are tightly allied with the Bush Administration both as major campaign contributors and in conducting pollution policymaking, according to a new study released yesterday. Conducted by two nonprofit, nonpartisan groups--the Environmental Integrity Project and Public Citizen--the study utilized data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI).

Ranking the polluters based on their emissions of mercury, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, the report finds that sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide pollution actually increased from 2002-2003, thereby expanding risks of asthma attacks and lung ailments.

According to the report, America's Dirtiest Power Plants: Plugged into the Bush Administration, the firms cited in the study, along with their trade associations, met at least 17 times with Vice President Cheney's energy task force.

The report found that since 1999, the 30 largest utility companies owning the majority of the 89 dirtiest power plants in the study have contributed $6.6 million to the Bush presidential campaigns and the Republican National Committee. The 30 companies also hired at least 16 lobbying or law firms that have raised at least $3.4 million more for the Bush campaigns.

"It is no coincidence that a wholesale assault on the Clean Air Act is taking place today," said Eric Schaeffer, who founded EIP after resigning in early 2002 from his post as director of EPA's Office of Regulatory Enforcement, in protest of the administration's rollback of environmental protections. "This is a well-connected industry that is absolutely intent on preserving its 'right' to foul the air regardless of the consequences to the American people."

The study ranked the top 50 polluters for each of the three emissions (mercury, SO2, CO2). Because several companies were in the top 50 for more than one pollutant, the list totaled 89 power plants. Of those 89, some 47 have either been sued or placed under investigation by the EPA for violating the Clean Air Act's New Source Review requirement, under which plants that upgrade or expand must add expensive new clean technology.

Last August the EPA stirred a huge controversy by relaxing requirements for New Source Review, exempting many plants from the law's pollution control requirements. A federal court stayed the new rules, but as the report notes, "The result of the administration's policy, coupled with the program's current status in legal limbo, is that many of these companies have either had the cases against them undermined or simply dropped by the Bush Adminstration."

The study lists five former executives or lobbyists for the electric utility industry who have been placed in important regulatory posts in the Bush administration. One is assistant administrator of EPA's Office of Air and Radiation, another is counsel to that office, and a third is deputy administrator of EPA. A fourth is now in charge of all government lawsuits against coal-fired power plants, and the fifth helped write national energy policy as assistant secretary at the Department of Energy.

The full report is available at


Source: //www.bushgreenwatch.org/mt_archives/000112.php

Omega-News Collection 6. May 04

Omega-News Collection 4. May 04

U.S. report lists 'egregious acts' against Iraq prisoners

Troops have been abusing Iraqis for a year: Amnesty

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Who's Responsible?

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The Truth About Depleted Uranium Weaponry

Patriotic Acts of Abuse

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Returning to peace and freedom

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The UN Must Demand a "Truth Commission" for the United States

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Robbing "Defeat" to Pay "Appall"

Heartland Morality, American Politics

Torture and Civilian Deaths in Three Counterinsurgencies


Without Reservation

Informant: kevcross5

What's Your Score?

WWF Conservation Action Network


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