Sefton MBC: Draft Scrutiny Report


IMPORTANT - Sefton Council Health Scrutiny Committee Report

This is the first Council Inquiry into health issues around phone masts.

Please find enclosed the long awaited Health Scrutiny Committee report. A group of cross party Councillors have listened to evidence from all sides with regards to phone masts and health concerns.


The report give out some sensible recommendations with regards to following the precautionary principal, calling for more research funds "however this needs to be given to INDEPENDENT scientists" and removal of masts from pre-existing sensitive areas such as residential properties, schools, hospitals etc.

It does give out some contradictions such as:

Page 10 - R5 Utilise existing local authority powers to provide "Mast Sharing" between telecommunications service provider, discouraging where possible the erection of multiple mast clusters????????? Mast sharing would create a mast cluster, this is a contradiction.

Page 10 - is interesting at it states that the Prime Minister has recently instructed the Chief Medical Officer to discuss reporting of health issues with the Press. I wonder what Tony Blair has instructed as he was quoted in a Birmingham paper last year as saying "He was more concerned about damage done to business and Industry" I will try and find the original article for you to read. I hope the British press look into the seriousness of this issue as some scientists are now saying we could be due to see one of the greatest health epidemics the world has ever seen. Dr Carlo has predicted that 1 in 4 people will be suffering with regards to health problems from using mobile phones by 2015 and that many people are becoming sick due to the increase in background radiation from phone masts this was as a result of $28.5 million dollars worth of research. Another American scientist Dr Goldberg has given out similar predictions in his new book. I would not wish to live with the thought that I had allowed the most vulnerable people of society to suffer.

I would like to thank the Councillor Brenda Porter and the Council for this report and for giving me the chance to represent the public. The report and most of the recommendations are a step in the right direction and everyone should use this report when fighting against phone mast applications.

Best wishes

Eileen O'Connor
Trustee - EM Radiation Research Trust


Please see enclosed news reports with regards to Tony Blair, read his views about phone masts.


He says there is no evidence. This is the same man who stopped a phone mast from going up in his own constituency some years ago.

I have tried to present Tony Blair with the overwhelming evidence that is available on many occasions. I have requested many meetings through Labour MPs Mike O’Brien and Claire Curtis-Thomas. The last message I got back from Clair Curtis Thomas was on 26th July 2005, she said that Tony Blair’s correspondence secretary e-mailed to say that a meeting with the Prime Minister has been turned down not once, but twice. Once on June 10th and again on June 22nd, Claire Curtis Thomas followed this up with a phone call to 10 Downing St with a final request, this request was also refused.

How can Tony Blair say there is no evidence if he is not prepared to listen?

Kind Regards

Eileen O’Connor
Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust


Support from Blair as mast is refused




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