Can America Be Saved?

by Larry Greenley

Patrick Buchanan expresses virtually no hope in The Death of the West. The John Birch Society holds a contrary point of view.

Pat Buchanan's new book, The Death of the West, has scaled the heights of the New York Times Best-Seller List. Its subtitle "How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization" captures the book's main theme, which is that present demographic trends indicate that the West will soon shrivel up and die.

Buchanan's treatment of the demographic front in the "Culture War" is well written and informative. But his book is handicapped by two serious flaws: First, the identification of low birth rates, high immigration rates, and cultural Marxist ideology as the most important "clear and present dangers" for America; and second, the book's pervasive sense of defeatism and helplessness.

This defeatist attitude was effectively displayed in Buchanan's response to a question during a January 30th discussion with high school students broadcast by the CSPAN3 network. Asked if he holds out any hope for our country, Buchanan answered: "The train has left the station and the only thing that is going to turn it around is a change of heart or belief or attitude on the part of this generation right here. It's in their hands now, it's no longer in ours."

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