Save the Trees

If you want to help save Old Growth Redwood and Douglas Fir forests, in Freshwater, on Gypsy Mountain, and in the Mattole, and you can't be out in the woods, for any number of reasons, you can still help the campaign by donating just $10 a month. With just 100
people participating, all of our basic financial needs would be met.

Most people in this country pay several monthly bills...rent, water,electricity, phones, etc. If even 50 people, nationwide, could remember to drop $10 in the mail, or through the donation button below, to North Coast Earth First!, with just one of those monthly bills, it would help out immensely in the efforts to save these ancient trees.

It's a simple, low-impact way to make a huge difference, enabling us to cover our basic month-to-month expenses without having to constantly fundraise, and by lessening the impact on the local community, who continuously give to keep these trees standing. Oftentimes the people in the trees are the only things keeping these ancient wonders alive.

Getting other people in your community to participate in this easy plan is another way you can help. Out of the millions of people in this country, finding 100 or so who would be willing to regularly help should be easy. If each person could get 2 or 3 more people to participate, the numbers would quickly multiply, so that the needed gear and supplies can be obtained, to keep the resistance strong.

You can also send donations to:

North Coast Earth First!
P.O. Box 219
Bayside, CA 95524

And, if you're concerned about directly supporting direct action, you can also make a tax-deductible donation to our media office and collective, at the following link:


Just scroll down to "North Coast Earth First! (NCEF!)", and click on "Continue>"

Please help if you can...as summertime comes around, we hope for the campaign to grow, so we really need your help to really make it all happen effectively.

Thank you.

In solidarity,
Shunka Wakan
NCEF! activist and organizer


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