Omega-News Collection 1. May 04

Bush Wants to Make Some Patriot Act Provisions Permanent


237 Misleading Statements by the Bush Administration

A Roadmap for Global Domination

Raping the Middle East for Its Oil

11 Months Before 9/11 Pentagon Tested Plane-Crash Scenario


ACTION ALERT: Stop the Aegis Destroyer


A Country Destroyed

Informant: George Paxinos


Tell them what you think

Here's your one-stop "megaphone" where you can E-Mail letters to your elected representatives, talk shows, the media, and even write letters to the editor. Tell them what you think!



Above the law

How tyranny came to America

Honoring the dead

Interpreting Constitution incorrectly appears intentional

America's religious war

The empire in denial and denial of empire

Bush needs to do the math on Iraq

Can the president imprison anyone, forever?

When Woodward comes calling

Conservative support of Darth Vader and the empire

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


America's death wish is coming true

A Vision of Power

'They Hate Us Because of Our Freedom'

A frank talk with God

Bush’s Secrecy, and the Dumbing-Down of Conspiracy Theories

Attention on Deck! Violation of Rule 17!

Depleted Uranium: The Toxic Killer

Iraq Official Blames U.S. for Standoff

Iraqi Delegation Says US Used Cluster Bombs In Fallujah

Procuring the world's oil

General: Marines Will Occupy Iraq For Years

We are facing death in Iraq for no reason

A black and white case of US injustice

Diplomats rebuke PM on Middle East

Ambassadors' letter to Blair

UK: Anger as new ID cards to be tested in city:
ID cards would carry details of the holder's identity, including facial recognition, iris images and fingerprints. A special database would be created, storing individual iris scans and prints

UK: ID card scheme £2,500 fine threat

From Information Clearing House


President Owes America Answers on Iraq

Number of US Troops Wounded in Iraq has Skyrocketed This Month

What Went Wrong?


Bush's Messianic Complex
Some Dare Call It Treason: Wake Up America!

The Fossil Fools: Dismissal of Climate Change by Journalistic


The Reality of 18,000 Wounded in Iraq War on Front Page of Washington Post


Omega-News Collection 22. April 04

Omega-News Collection 28. April 04


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