Microwave–ovens cause cancer after all

In June 1991 the very first and decisive scientific report conducted on man regarding the effect of microwaved (defrosted or cooked) food on people was brought to public attention.

The research was done toward the 80s in collaboration between the private laboratory Environmental–Biological Research and Consulting, Wattenwil, Switzerland, Dr. Hans U. Hertel and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Lausanne, Switzerland, Prof. Dr. Bernard H. Blanc.

The results of the research showed changes in the blood of test–persons, who participated in the investigation voluntarily, even after the intake of one single irradiated meal, indicative of an early pathogenic process, similar to the actual start of cancer.

The publication of the results caused considerable disturbance. The Swiss electrical industry (Society for electro apparatuses for household and trade, Zurich) threatened both scientists with legal action if they would continue to talk about the results in public. Under this pressure Prof. Bernard H. Blanc withdrew from the scientifically reached results by declaring in the modern “scientific” jargon that more research would be necessary to prove them. Dr. Hans U. Hertel, however, stood behind the honestly achieved results and was subsequently legally prosecuted and condemned, first by the District Court of Belp, Bern, then by the Upper Court in Bern and finally by the Federal Court in Lausanne.

Before the Upper Court of the Canton of Bern, Prof. Dr. Michael Teuber, ordinary Professor for Food–Microbiology at the ETH in Zurich, appeared as the expert for the electrical industry. On grounds of a special endorsement he prepared for the electrical industry, he declared that today's school–science would have to reject the work of Dr. Hertel and Prof. Blanc as being unscientific. He said: “By considering the present state of knowledge and careful weighing of all known effects of microwaves, I must call this work irresponsible and tendentious panic–mongering for which there is no real and verifiable reason.” At the same time he underlined his statement with the prospect of a doctoral thesis being done at his institute in Zurich which up to that time had not shown any indication of a possible hazard from microwaves.By decision of the Upper Court in Bern headed by judge Naegeli, Dr. Hans U. Hertel was condemned to silence. He was not allowed to talk anymore about the danger of microwaves especially on their cancerous effects. The Federal Court in Lausanne followed the Upper Court's decision on February 25, 1994 without a hearing.

By decision of the Upper Court in Bern headed by judge Naegeli, Dr. Hans U. Hertel was condemned to silence. He was not allowed to talk anymore about the danger of microwaves especially on their cancerous effects. The Federal Court in Lausanne followed the Upper Court's decision on February 25, 1994 without a hearing.

The same year it was appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg which by their judgment of August 25, 1998 allowed the scientist, in contradiction to the decision of the Swiss Federal Court, to make his findings public again. At the same time Switzerland was fined with SFr. 40'000.– for their judgment against the Laws of Human Rights.

The new appeal to the Federal Court in Lausanne, however, did not bring a substantial change of the previous verdict of February 1994. On March 2, 1999 the Court again forbade the scientist to speak in public about the danger of microwaved food without declaring at the same time that it was still scientifically undecided whether microwaved food would really be a hazard to health. Thus the Federal Court did but partially agree with Strasbourg, however, without giving back to the scientist the right to free speech. The Court thus with its decision protected the electrical industry and prevented the payment of indemnity to the scientist, who once again had to pay for the entire court procedure.

Since the first publication about the danger of microwaves, especially microwave–ovens and the beginning of the legal processes, 10 years have passed. However, in all those years the scientific world did not succeed in providing a counter proof. Also Prof. Teuber still owes an explanation for what he claimed to be absolutely true before the Upper Court in Bern in 1991. Thus his statements before the Court must have been false. Likewise the doctoral thesis which he brought into discussion as evidence did at the end not contribute anything of value. It disappeared unmentioned in some drawer. Had it brought but the slightest evidence in favour of the electrical industry, Prof. Teuber and his client would certainly have made use of it on a worldwide scale immediately without any doubt. But nothing happened. Why not? Did they not try to get such evidence? O yes, they have certainly tried to do so, but have not succeeded, simply because it is not possible.

Is this not proof enough that artificially generated microwaves cause cancer after all?

Imagine, what a counter proof would be worth today for the industry in connection with mobile phones, considering the incredible amount of money involved with it.

The radiation as generated today by man causes any functions of life to end in time, irrespective of their frequency and power and despite the legal condemnation of the scientist who knew about its danger long ago and warned of it.

It is also unimportant for what purpose such radiation is put to use, whether in the microwave–oven to defrost or cook food; in communication technology such as mobile phones, television, shortwave, shadowing; as radar by the police; as ultrasound in medicine; or as a weapon in the military for disabling and for killing:

The technically generated radiation, in today's form, is always and without exception directed against life.


©The World Foundation for Natural Science

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