Microwaves are a hazard to life

Microwaves are a hazard to life, physically as well as spiritually.

Microwaves must be banned and replaced by new, natural and therefore harmless technologies.

In the following, the term "microwaves" will be used for all technically created radiation presently being used in medicine, broadcasting and by the military. These include:

ELF Waves
Radio and TV Waves
Microwave Ovens
Cellular Telephones

All are generated by technical, unnatural means and therefore are not natural, but toxic. Both Thomas Alva Edison and Nicola Tesla warned of the extreme dangers of alternating current on which technical radiation is based. Its power is also a million times stronger than natural conditions. Thus, the radiation is dominant and able to change natural energy fields inductively and force resonance. On the one hand, it can break through natural capacitors, without which there would be no natural flow or circulation of energy, causing short circuits, while on the other hand, it is able to cancerously accelerate natural processes. Nature can only withstand such technical assaults temporarily. And the time is up. The increased use of cellular telephones will now speed up the total collapse of nature's as well as man's already noticeably weakened immune systems, at the same time making him dull and manipulable. Since the Iraqi War, radiation has been used to influence the human mind, however, not only in times of war but also sociopolitically in so-called peaceful democratic European countries, in which man is rendered unable to make decisions, weak-willed, and apathetic, depending on whim or political requirements.

The use of microwave ovens and cellular telephones is being promoted above all in Europe with the help of the governments and the electroindustry, and objections from the population are impeded, dismissed or simply ignored, despite the fact that the hazards of these technologies are well known. It is not a matter of human life or nature, but rather of ruthlessly attaining total power by a minority which wants to control the mayority.

Nature is an electromagnetic system. Technical microwaves, therefore, directly interfere with a natural system. The pathological changes they cause are already so far out of control that further severe natural reactions must be expected. The danger of major landslides and flooding as well as shifting of the earth's crust, above all along unstable faults (e.g. San Andreas Fault in California), increases dramatically. The Alpine valleys of Switzerland, Austria, and Italy are most tragically affected by telecommunication and broadcasting. The forests covering the mountains and slopes are literally bombarded to death by the dense radiation, leaving them to fall prey to landslides and floods. The power lines have the same effect. If this irradiation is not stopped these valleys will be uninhabitable within a few years.

Deceptive Threshold Values:
The Law of Paracelsus (1493-1541) applies to the effects of all natural substances. This law states:

"Only the quantity determines whether a substance is toxic or not."

The effects of today's technical, unnatural substances are governed by the Law of Petkau, who declared in 1972:

"The effect of a small dose over a long period of time is more detrimental than that of a large dose over a short time."

In March 1999, Prof. Knasmueller of the medical faculty of the University of Vienna warned:

"Any dose, no matter how small, will affect the cells."

This means, that there can be no threshold values for unnatural and technically created substances, especially when one is exposed to them constantly, as is the case on earth today. Man no longer has a chance of protecting himself against or escaping the technical radiation which surrounds him. Of course, this particularly applies to stationary life forms, such as plants, forests, etc. Man has been so successfully deceived by the industries' and governments' misleading and fraudulent advertising that he even exposes himself to the radiation of his own free will - especially to that of microwave ovens and cellular telephones. Both are advertised as being practical and convenient, but both are deadly. They cause cancerous conditions in organisms and deterioration of the tissues, and changes of the psyche.

This willful deception with threshold values will have fatal consequences for millions and millions of people and nature as a whole, reaching such a degree, that no insurance in the world will be able to cover the damage.

There is obviously a war against nature and mankind in full swing, but most people have not yet realized what is happening to them and the world they live in.

In the face of such disastrous and alarming conditions, the question of alternatives is not of immediate importance. Stopping these crimes against life must have absolute priority. The alternatives are already there and will be accessible as soon as man realizes that he must do without such harmful technologies.

Isn't it high time to take life back into our own hands and decide for ourselves what is good for us?

Mankind, stand up for life at long last and protect it; it is all you have. You are about to lose it.


©The World Foundation for Natural Science

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