A brain tumors' epidemic in Medellin

About a month ago I had the opportunity to speak to a very prestigious neurologist and neurosurgeon in Medellin: Dr. Adolfo Cumplido.

Dr. Cumplido was one of my neurology professors and he's an excellent neurosurgeon too. I had the chance to tell him about my ordeal with microwave radiation and my encephalopathy. Though he did not know much about the Microwave Syndrome, just like it happens with most physicians around the globe, he is very much aware of the tens/hundreds of tumors that are resulting in patients who use cell phones in the city. The Neurosurgery Department at San Vicente de Paul University Hospital (a fourth level complexity hospital) is alarmed because of the rocketing numbers of brain tumors in the city. Twenty years ago, Medellin could count 1 or 2 tumors (at the most) a year of the astrocytoma type. "Just in this clinic (Rosario clinic), I have had four this month, not counting the others that I have in different hospitals in the city", stated Dr. Cumplido.

The valley where Medellin is located has around 650 cell phone masts according to city authorities and more than 3,000 microwave sources including cell phone telephony according to the National Ministry of Communications. The total population is around 1.5 million including all the metropolitan area. The mountains seem to concentrate the electromagnetic smog coming from cell phone masts and WiFi sources.

This situation appeared in the city in close association with the criminal irradiation with microwaves of unarmed and ignorant citizens. This is not due to spontaneous generation as the World Health Organization seems to defend. Science is extremely objective and the disregard of its principles is being payed in terms of coffins with a planetary laughter of Repacholi and his heritage.

Why does Emily Perkins van Deventer not say a word about the Koch- Henle postulates and the epidemic of brain tumors in Medellin? Why hasn't the World Health Organization warned the Colombian government about the CAUSAL RELATIONSHIP between microwave exposure and the clinical manifestations of electromagnetic resonances? Who is the expert that the World Health Organization has in the field of the effects of microwaves in Clinical Medicine and what are his/her academic credentials? How many Microwave Syndrome patients has he/she treated?

Why is it that we have to withstand an electrical engineer running an international HEALTH institution? Would the Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) of the United States accept a surgeon or a pathologist or a gynecologist in its board of directors? Is Emily Perkins van Deventer working for the World ENGINEERS' Organization? What is the World Health Organization doing about this epidemic in Medellin? Why hasn't an epidemiological alert been sent out? How much more time will we have to wait? How much money does it take to buy you back to honesty and good will, Emily?

It does appear like the chain of frauds after Repacholi will continue ad infinitum, no matter how many get sick or how many have to die.

Dr. Carlos Sosa, MD

The Dr. Carlos Sosa M.D. Story

Victims of Electromagnetic Radiation around the World


Re: A brain tumors' epidemic in Medellin

I am trying to find statistics for brain tumor since some time, it doesn't seem that easy. There were reports some statistics like Denmark are faked and outdated?

This is the statistic for Austria (brain tumor + central nervous system (C70-C72) from 1983-2004). It shows new cases for men have more the doubled during this time!

From 180 cases per 100,000 males (1983) to 366 per 100,000 males (2004) or +103%.


There should be quite some information in those statistics, perhaps this is the reason you have such a hard time finding them online?



Re: A brain tumors' epidemic in Medellin

You might recall that I started a weekly search (In Search of Book #...). I had to quit because of two reasons: I was sick and because there seems to be a monitoring of all I write down here. The last book I was looking for was available in Great Britain. I think it was a title by Zinaida Gordon. There were 3 copies of the book and after my posting, they all disappeared from the bookstore.

The Glaser list was an official publication of the government of the United States which was put together by Dr. Zorach Glaser. It's a giant list of worldwide publications concerning the health effects of microwaves on human health. Dr. Glaser, in those days working for the US Navy, was mysteriously moved to Research Triangle at around the time that cell phone telephony was being introduced in the US. I'm sending you a copy of the Glaser list of 1971. It was published until 1982-83 and it covers a time period of over five decades. As you probably know, the World Health Organization has not said a word of the Glaser list.



Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena ('Effects') and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation

Black on White – Voices and witnesses about Electro-Hypersensitivity – The Swedish Experience


Ortendahl and Högstedt

The unnatural presence of microwaves in urban centers throughout the world is a criminal practice of Medicine endorsed by the World Health Organization and intended to benefit private companies in the United States and Europe.

Apart from the fact that no MEDICAL STUDIES were conducted by any government in the world, the WHO or any company in order to introduce cell phone telephony and its derivatives, the total evidence against an environmental use of microwaves is in excess of several million medical references dating back to the 19th century.

Amongst these crimes that were cooked by Michael Repacholi, the dental amalgam issue is preeminent in regards to the scientific fraud needed to introduce cell phone telephony.

Ortendahl and Högstedt have demonstrated how millions of human beings are slowly getting intoxicated through the deleterious action of microwaves on dental amalgams. This chronic intoxicatin has the potential of modifying the human genome of the human generations to come. Even bacteria seem to be affected.

The Histoly Department of Gothenburg University in Sweden has concluded: "Potentiostatic analyses were performed on amalgam samples exposed to AC and DC magnetic fields. Morphologic changes were analyzed using differential interference light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Chemical changes on the surface of the amalgam samples were analyzed with secondary ion mass spectrometry. Results demonstrated that dental amalgams exposed to a specific AC magnetic field underwent morphologic and chemical changes in the superficial amalgam layers".

Again, he who is guilty will remain in silence. No explanations will come from the World Health Organization. Guilt by association with the ICNIRP.

Ortendahl and Högstedt wrote also
Effects of magnetic fields from underwater electrical cutting on in vitro corrosion of dental amalgam



Ortendahl and Högstedt

Magnetic field effects on dental amalgam in divers welding and cutting electrically underwater

The invisible disease



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