The Ampas plan to promote a campaign not to donate cellphones to children at Christmas


Informant: Agnes Ingvarsdottir


Microwave Radiation Levels Along An Israeli Roadway

Interview with Iris Atzmon and Zamir Shalita
(in Israel)

Informant: Agnes Ingvarsdottir


Microwave Radiation Levels Along An Israeli Roadway!

Posted by: Art Kab
Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:17 am (PDT)

Below is an article that you may be interested in. I know many of you may have already seen this.

Cheers Enrico.

Pictures of radiation levels along roads in Israel with COM

on iddd.de 3.4.2007

13 Feb 2007, pictures from blog "No Radiation" exposures to radiation from an Israeli electrosensitive guy's blog: Blue-Tooth, antennas, mobile computer (the picture at the bottom), computers (flat screen vs. cathodic tube), and more.



He died, Yuri Stern used to talk on the cell phone

Tue, 16 Jan 2007

Died the person who advanced the non-ionizing law in Israel

Today a parliament member who helped us a lot to advance the non-ionizing radiation law, died of brain tumor. Yuri Stern used to talk non-stop on the cell phone, but NON-STOP. All the time, with everyone.

Dr. Zamir Shalita warned him alot, to stop doing this. He got the tumor where he was exposed to the radiation. Several months ago he was diagnosed, and rather quickly, he died. He was relatively young, he had a sharp mind, smart, he knew how to talk to the cellular companies and the health ministry, once he yelled at the head of the center of disease control, that he is not doing he job protecting the public, and since then the latter stopped coming to the parliament meetings. He conditioned a state fund for studies on the cellular radiation, in participation of Dr. Zamir Shalita and honest scientists to watch after the state workers.

He used to lecture without papers, because his mind was so bright, that everything just flew of the brain, he was sensitive to the public complaints, and he received a lot of material on dangers of the radiation, about the cheating in radiation measurements, that none else received. He once said on TV that all the measurements/ calibrations of the cellular antennas in Israel, are "sucked from the finger" (in hebrew it means- they are worthless and lie).

His interest in the subject started after Russian immigrants who live in elderly pensions, complained that the cellular companies and the owners of these buildings, use their helplessness and lack of knowledge of the Hebrew language, to erect a lot of antennas on the buildings, and they felt sick. He was sensitive to this because he was also a Russian immigrant, and he acted to help them.

He organized all the meetings about the non-ionizing law, trying to balance between the interest of the industry and public, he set the whole issue of distances from sensitive places like schools etc. Now the Envi. ministry is trying to change the law with some new nuances. None can replace him. It is terrible.


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