EMF an emerging healthcare crisis


Man has come along and thrown off the clock mechanism

As concerns the pineal, the role of calcium in general and the role of crystals within the pineal gland reveal some interesting points. As in radio and other transmitters, crystals act to convert certain discrete frequencies into electrical signals. Before we had all of the electro-pollution, animals could simply orient themselves to the earth's electromagnetic signature. Additionally animals could store into memory at a subconscious level the discrete signatures of subtle variations in electromagnetic signalling from various regions. This would explain the highly specific nature of migratory behaviour seen in certain animals. What has not been appreciated is the ability which has probably evolved over time to see, complex patterns that are generated from the earths electromagnetic signature.

So not only do animals have the ability to sense electromagnetic patterns but they also may see them in great detail. I will use an analogue. Imagine if someone told you the eye senses light. Well that is a very interesting observation. However you know from your own personal observation that you are accustomed to seeing whole patterns and the patterns themselves have personal meaning for you. The brain does translate these simple appearing signals and, if you will, extracts the information contained in them.

Another question would be what might be another effect of a piezoelectric device. Well animals might have the ability to see the difference that is produced by seasonal variations in the earth's magnetic fields that initiate for instance hibernation. What does that mean? In colder weather, animals make a switch from a high metabolic rate based on generating electricity when food is abundant to a slower metabolic rate when the weather is cooler. One difference is the amount of light but also in cooler environments the relative amount of electromagnetic radiation goes up.

This effect is seen with superconductors when they reach incredibly low temperatures they become more efficient as conductors.

So the pineal is a switch, much like a motion detector, that response to signalling.

In evolution the signalling was kind of constant so that the signals made sense. However in this environment people are going into instant states if you will of hibernation. What does that mean? Well generally a hibernating animal is in a state of sleep and has shut down the generation of electrical activity. Their muscles become weak, Thyroid and gonadal hormone levels drop. The blood becomes a little more thick.

So the pineal acts as a electromagnetic sensor that regulates electrical generation in the body. It is a highly efficient device. The pineal functions as a electromagnetic thermostat if you will that regulates, total body charge in the organism.

The ability to oversee electrical energy generation from a single point is extremely important. Secondarily shutting off the pineal has a profound effect on calcium metabolism in the body as a whole. Blocking calcium entry tends to decrease energy and electrical activity on the cellular and organ level.

It is a pretty straight forward proposition. One has down regulated energy production and electrical signalling in the body. No wonder individuals can not function.

Emf frequencies or microwave frequencies are overriding normal control mechanisms in the body and shutting off energy production.

Another correlation is the effect of emf on the weather patterns. So global warming could simply be another manifestation of the increased emf in the atmosphere. This was suggested by the French findings on Next up. If you put superheated air above the upper stratosphere and above the jet stream it will tend to settle. This can be demonstrated with a simple model that could be made by a high school student. The dropping of the jet stream will have an overall effect on weather patterns. Also since the earth is a large semiconductor it still has a finite capacity to store charge. If one cannot dissipate charge from the atmosphere then it will have an overall effect in the production of weather patterns. One will see an increase in the generation of storms, and other phenomena related to increase charge in the atmosphere. Thus there would be an increase not only in global warming but an attempt to neutralize charge production through rain.

This accelerant affect may be part of the explanation for some of the increased storms and flooding that have been witnessed in semitropical regions of the world. You have to use your god given common sense to sense if this is real. These issues need to be explored and expanded upon. The public is the last to find out and they will suffer the most.

Academics are often the last to respond.

So with the introduction of a single variable which is the increased frequency generation, you throw off or confuse the ecology of the planet and the organisms which live on it and depend on that signalling to live in balance with the earth. In essence life has evolved, if you will, with the Earth as an electromagnetic guide or a clock. Life cycles of different organisms are coordinated to live within the rhythms of that system. Now man has come along and thrown off the clock mechanism.

There are many different mannerisms of the problem. Bird populations shift, the number of insects decrease. Plants or trees may have longer or shorter growth periods. But underneath is a single disturbance in the relationship to the planet which was established a long time ago.


Gerald Goldberg, MD

Author:"Would you put your head in a microwave oven - emf an emerging healthcare crisis"

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Scientist admits conflict of interest

Under a plea deal, the NIH researcher would pay the government $300,000, the amount he received from Pfizer.

December 9, 2006
Saturday Part A; Pg. 21


A senior government scientist from the National Institutes of Health who took about $300,000 in unauthorized payments from a drug company pleaded guilty Friday to a federal charge that he committed a criminal conflict of interest. The admission by Dr. P. Trey Sunderland III came after years of denials by his attorneys and six months after the scientist had asserted his constitutional right against self-incrimination to a congressional subcommittee. The prosecution was the first of an NIH scientist under federal conflict-of-interest laws in 14 years. Sunderland, 55, admitted that he failed to get required authorization for taking $285,000 in consulting fees and $15,000 in expense payments from the drug company Pfizer Inc. from 1998 to 2003.During the same period, he provided Pfizer with spinal-tap samples collected from hundreds of patients as part of a research collaboration approved by the NIH. After the hearing Friday, U.S. Atty. Rod J. Rosenstein told reporters that Sunderland's actions were a breach of the publictrust. "This case is not about an honest mistake," Rosenstein said. "If a government employee is actually on the payroll of a company that benefits from its dealings with the United States, there's a chance that that employee's financial interest will affect his or her official actions." Sunderland, who joined the NIH in 1982 and headed its geriatric psychiatry branch, answered in even tones more than two dozen questions from U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz. Afterward, Sunderland's eyes welled as he embraced his teenage son. A plea agreement calls for Sunderland to pay the government the $300,000 he took from Pfizer, perform 400 hours of community service, and submit to two years of probation. Motz set sentencing for Dec. 22. Federal guidelines give the judge discretion to impose up to ayear in prison and a fine of up to $100,000 for Sunderland's violation, a misdemeanor. However, the judge reviewed the plea deal privately with Sunderland's lawyers and with federal prosecutors before the Friday hearing, and those familiar with the case said they did not expect a harsher sentence. Under the collaboration with Pfizer, Sunderland's staff provided Pfizer with spinal-tap samples they had collected from patients who had Alzheimer's disease or were at risk of developing it. Drug companies prize the material because it could contain genetic clues for finding a breakthrough treatment. Sunderland at no point from 1998 to 2003 sought permission from his NIH bosses to take the personal payments from Pfizer, and he didnot disclose the income on annual financial reports. Sunderland did not address reporters Friday. His lawyer Robert F.Muse declined to comment. Unaddressed at the hearing was how the guilty plea might affect Sunderland's employment. An NIH spokesman in Bethesda, Md., said Sunderland remained a federal employee.

david.willman @latimes.com

Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and Accountability http://www.ahrp.org

The Los Angeles Times reports that Dr. Trey Sunderland III, who headed Alzheimer's research at NIMH, pleaded guilty to criminal conflicts of interest. The prosecution was the first of an NIH scientist under federal conflict-of-interest laws in 14 years. Ironically, NIH scientists are so embedded that the LAT reports, it is uncertain "how the guilty plea might affect Sunderland's employment. An NIH." An NIH spokesman said "Sunderland remained a federal employee."

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav
veracare @ahrp.org

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Re: A senior government scientist from the National Institutes of Health


Re: A senior government scientist from the National Institutes of Health

Dear Robert: I agree with your comments/questions......

It sure would be interesting to learn the facts surrounding the original Merck patent [ http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/chris/2003/12/13/s tatin_drugs_coenzyme_q10_depletion.htm ] that provided for a combination of statin and vital Coenzyme Q-10.

I have mentioned before that EMF-EMR, low level, chronic prolonged exposure (toxic) also lowers one's Coenzyme Q-10 as well as Melatonin.

There is evidence that low level EMF-EMR, low level, chronic prolonged exposure (toxic) also interferes with absorption of folic acid and B-vitamins.

My two "best friends" died in the past couple of years from congestive heart failure -- they both took statins. As I mentioned before, one spent a lot of time cooking while standing in front of an electric clock that was mounted on the handle of her expensive stove. The other friend had been sleeping (head level) with a transformer/power supply box for cordless phone right behind her head -- the new "senior citizen recommendations" re placement of electric outlets midway up the wall so seniors won't fall while plugging things in, etc.

Even Vitamin C can become a free radical if a person sleeps close to electrical items!!! Dr. Russel Reiter in his book, "Melatonin" mentions this is well known re Vitamin C and radiation treatments. There are many studies that confirm biological changes are identical when comparing findings re low level ionizing radiation with low level nonionizing radiation. When these "biological changes" occur as result of radiation treatments, the treatments are stopped. The "reason" is, of course, because the individual will get sicker and perhaps die if such treatments aren't closely monitored. For scientists to continue to insist that "adverse biological changes" do not indicate "adverse health effects," is totally insane.

Then (as you know), we have my husband, Bud, who is now said not to have Alzheimers afterall. He has been, however, seriously affected by taking statins and sleeping close to an electric clock radio. Fortunately he can now go for walks again (muscle improvement) but his memory problems remain moderate to severe more than 17 months after moving the clock radio and discontinuing statins (in spite of documented improvement in 3-4 areas of his Executive Function tests). I am planning on suing Pfizer for their part in promoting a product they know without question will cause serious harm. As of now, the harm in regard to memory problems is approaching "catastrophic numbers!!!"

I am always glad to see your challenges of "the powers that be......." These are crimes of the highest level -- for now I am withholding comments re all of the children who still develop Leukemia that can be prevented and countless other health problems. Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: _jcmpelican@aol.com_ (mailto:jcmpelican@aol.com) (12-16--06)

"The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity........" -- Mahatma Gandhi



Epidemiologists with secret ties to industry - Industry 'paid top cancer expert'


Wissenschaft per Nachrichtenagentur

So stelle ich mir die Arbeit der Medien vor! Gerade in diesem kritischen Umfeld, das ja im schlechtesten Fall eine immense Reichweite hat, ja Millionen von Menschen, Leistungsträgern, Kindern etc. betrifft.

Es ist in einer Demokratie, ihre Medien und insbesondere für öffentlich rechtliche Medien unabdingbar nicht nur Millionen für den Medienauftritt im Internet übrig zu haben, sondern eben auch für Fachjournalisten oder anderen Experten, die etwas genauer hinschauen, in einer Welt wo bekanntlich die Meinungsbeeinflussung grosses Geschäft von Werbeagenturen und den politischen Lobbisten in allen Ebenen der Gesellschaft ist. Bereits vor vielen Jahren wurde in einem Forschungsbericht die armselige Ausgestaltung und die Anfälligkeit der wissenschaftlichen Meldungen für Manipulation und die Abhängigkeit der landesweit verfügbaren und distribuierten Informationen festgestellt (Winfried Göpfert, Philipp Kunisch, Wissenschaft per Nachrichtenagentur).


"Beachtlich: Nur zwei Redakteurinnen gestalten fast die Hälfte aller Wissenschaftsberichte in deutschen Blättern."

pdf- der Arbeit im Anhang

Wo sind die Lehren dieses Wissens? Weshalb erfolgte keine Umsetzung in der Struktur der Medienwelt?

Viele Grüße

Bernd Schreiner
post @stoppschild.de

Quelle: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/3035537/


Wer entscheidet, was wissenschaftlich korrekt ist?

Im Falle des Wachstumsstoffs Kohlendioxyd, der für das Wachstum von Pflanzen und für alles Leben auf diesem Planeten essentiell ist, werden Wissenschaftsirrtümer/Fälschungen dazu verwendet, dem Steuerzahler in die Tasche zu greifen. Gleichzeitig dient das Szenario verschiedenen Profiteuren im Hintergrund dazu, sich mit hohen Energiepreisen die Taschen voll zu machen.

Hierzu dienen einfache Verdrehungen der Realität: Dass Pflanzen kein Kohlendioxyd spalten können, sondern es nur in großen Mengen herstellen, ist sehr einfach für jedermann nachvollziehbar. Ein Blick auf http://www.fehler-der-wissenschaft.de/ .

Diese elementar wichtigen Erkenntnisse werden von der DPA blockiert. Wer hat den Nutzen?

Gerd Zesar

Freie Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Politik – und Sozialwissenschaften, Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, Arbeitsbereich Wissenschaftsjournalismus

Prof. Winfried Göpfert, Malteserstr. 74 – 100, 12249 Berlin

Forschungsbericht - Berlin 1999

Wissenschaft per Nachrichtenagentur

8. Zusammenfassung

Im Oktober 1997 veröffentlichten die drei Nachrichtenagenturen rund 2.500 Meldungen zu wissenschaftlichen Themen, den größten Anteil steuerte dpa bei. Bei der Abdruckquote legt der Marktführer noch zu: Über zwei Drittel aller agenturba­sierten Wissenschaftsberichte in deutschen Zeitungen stammen von dpa.

Allerdings entspricht das von den Agenturen angebotene Themenspek­trum nicht den Themenvorlieben der Zeitungen, die beispielsweise doppelt so häufig auf medizinische Themen zurückgreifen als von den Agenturen geliefert wird. Beim Themenfeld Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft ist es un­gekehrt. Sozialwissenschaften und Naturwissenschaften kommen bei den Agenturen fast überhaupt nicht vor, obwohl die Zeitungen auch über diese Themenfelder berichten.

Publiziert werden die meisten Wissenschaftsmeldungen in dem Ressort "Ver­mischtes". Eigene Rubriken wie "Wissen" oder "Gesundheit" spielen eher eine untergeordnete Rolle.

Die Wissenschaftsberichterstattung deutscher Zeitungen wird zu knapp 50 Pro­zent redaktionell gestaltet. Vermutlich wird dabei auch auf Agenturmaterial zurückgegriffen, ohne dass das immer angegeben wird. Rund ein Drittel aller Wis­senschaftsartikel lässt sich auf Meldungen der dpa zurückführen. Bei dpa wurden nur zwei Redakteursstellen für das Ressort Wissenschaft eingerichtet, die übrigen Agenturen verzichten völlig auf diesen "Luxus". Beachtlich: Nur zwei Redakteu­rinnen gestalten fast die Hälfte aller Wissenschaftsberichte in deutschen Blättern.


Schmiergeldaffären und Korruption


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