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EMF-Omega-News 5. September 2009

Cell phones could give you thyroid cancer

New Study Once Again Links Cell Phone Use to Brain Tumors

Electronics zero in on cancer cells

IS it safe for your child to use a mobile?

Do Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation Affect the Human Brain?

Approaching Epidemic: Brain Damage from Mobile Phone Radiation

Cell Phones and Health: Is There a Brain Cancer Connection?

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: Underplayed by Industry Giants

Depression looms as global crisis

Mobile towers threatening honey bees in Kerala: Study

Deadly trees

NY residents sue for $100m over phone masts

Telecom Towers in Rural Nova Scotia

Bulgarian Prime Minister's message to mobile phone operators

Row over illegal phone masts

Wi-fi: Why I Don't Think It's as Safe as We are Led to Believe

Vodafone removes mast from shopping centre

Dundee Council ignore Childhood Leukaemia risk for school

Group calls for stop to tower work

War on illegal phone masts


Phone mast plans branded a 'disgrace'

Protesters fight on against mobile phone mast

Experts: Power lines can hurt home sales

Video of use of Mobile Phone while driving

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EMF-Omega-News 29. August 2009

Does Your Cell Phone Cause Cancer?

Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors

Was Ted Kennedy's brain tumor caused by cell phone radiation?

Are Cellphones Big Telecom's Ticking Time Bomb?

AUVA REPORT: Nonthermal Effects Confirmed

View Live blood analysis from myself

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Awareness Month Proclamation in St. John's Newfoundland

Mobile Phone use: Expert calls for strict adherence to rules

Financial Links Among the World Health Organization, Patient Organizations, and Pharmaceutical Companies

Mobile mast ban is Paris's first

Residents continue phone mast protest

Misconceptions found in tower debate

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR): Destabilization of Molecules

Wave Your Health Good-Bye with Sky High WiFi

Live statewide healthcare tele-town hall meeting

PSE&G power line should be denied

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EMF-Omega-News 22. August 2009

Cell phones and brain tumors: a review including the long-term epidemiologic data

Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer

Barrie Trower: Report on Tetra for the Police Federation

The ES are sorely in need of compensation from the Governments who have known fully about electrosensitivity for a long time

Why You Should NEVER EVER Sleep Where Your Cat Sleeps

Mobile phones buzz out honeybees

The Plain Truth: Mobile Phone Masts Are Dangerous

Guidelines for Undertaking Community Engagement for Wireless Telecommunications Sites

EMF to Floyd Residents: "We apologize"

Ban on phone masts on Sefton Council land could be lifted

Council should reject Telus cell tower proposal

We won't go until mast plan is ditched

Cell phone rules elsewhere are cautions for Cordova

Tamworth mobile mast plan thrown out

Independent Effects of APOE on Cholesterol Metabolism

Arrhythmia is often sited as a symptom of Electrosensitivity

Electrosensitive refugees from wireless technology head for Drôme

Scientists demonstrate wire-free electricity

The real increase rate for Autism is caused by the very large Electromagnetic Flux fields

The Danger of Powerline Radiation and Its Threat to Public Health

Experience Using Resveratrol

The curse of policy-based evidence

Wi-Fi Webcam for Baby

Cell Phone Turns On Oven

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Omega-News Collection 22. August 2009


EMF-Omega-News 15. August 2009

Mobile Phone Radiation Induces Reactive Oxygen Species Production and DNA Damage in Human Spermatozoa

Oral Cancer Rise

Sleep on the right side, get cancer on the left?

Mobile Tower Dangerous for Health

Mobile telephone use is associated with changes in cognitive function in young adolescents

UK Local Authority Arranges To Evict A Very Sick Woman To Her Possible Death

Modern Madness and the Fall of Man

A Telecom strategy

FDA update their cellphones and health pages with misinformation and spin

Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to alter NPPG19

Pima County EMR Resolution

Reviews of evidence which indicates harm from non-thermal radiation

First bees, now bats are disappearing. What's next?

Anger over mobile mast ‘discrepancy’

Vodafone's second phone mast bid for Easington Lane rejected

Phone firm applies for masts at Aberdeen’s College bar

Southington residents object to cell phone antennas

Olympic security equipment outrages Wimbledon Village

Mast review findings welcomed

Deadly Conformations-Protein Misfolding in Prion Disease

Tighter Cellphone Laws Might Face Static

Should Cellphones Be Allowed on Planes?

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EMF-Omega-News 8. August 2009

Your Cell Phone and Brain Tumors

Forbid the use of mobile phones in Sweden

Washington-Conference: An appeal to support

Lyme disease and its links to many illnesses

Rosacea a disorder of your facial skin

BCA: China's 3G Base Station Radiation Standard Stricter Than Foreign Countries

Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation (Wi-Fi) in the Public School Setting

Man takes on council over tower

Protest meeting in fight against phone mast

Phone mast fury

Menifee may hold off on new cell towers

Online campaign starts up to fight East Finchley church phone mast plans

Anger as phone mast goes up in Quarry Bank

Tower plan opposed

Tougher phone mast rules proposed

ELF from Laptop

Alzheimer: LIPITOR accelerated symptoms (plus electric field concerns)

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields may increase Alzheimer's risk

How reliable is the epidemiological evidence on mobile phones and cancer?

Visit to Montreal

Henderson: City Council rejects proposed NV Energy project

Hundreds to participate in power line case

Hydro Quebec shelves smart meters

Why it is so difficult to obtain clear, consistent, and meaningful results with EMF research

Scientists Must be Held Responsible and Protected by Law

Apple tried to silence owner of exploding iPod with gagging order

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EMF-Omega-News 1. August 2009

Electromagnetic field (EMF) effects on channel activity of nanopore OmpF protein

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Special Issue

The ICNIRP SC-I reviews are incomplete and already “outdated”

The Truth About Wired and Wireless Technologies

Letter to the Canadian Minister of Health

French mobile mast debate raging

Telcos wring hands as cancer bogey brings down signal towers

Cellphone use is voluntary, cell tower exposure is not

Bees dying and disappearing, are scientists really looking for the cause?

Church takes mast money

Appeal lodged after Heddon on the Wall phone mast refusal

Voicing fears through drama

Sticklepath phone mast victory

Phone company pulls plug on mast extension

Samworth boss backs mobile phone protest

Is Wi-Fi Making You Sick?

Phone mast appeal rejected by Orange likely to appeal

WALTHAM ABBEY: Families living by phone mast reject council compensation

Council backs phone mast protestors

Testing conducted around tower site

Electromagnetic wave levels disputed

Electricity goes wireless

Wireless Broadband over Powerlines

Well, Well, Well: Power Lines

Power line could pose threat of leukemia for children

Disturbing Mail for ES

Evidence for Effects on Immune Function

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EMF-Omega-News 25. July 2009


To reduce the level of exposure to non-ionizing radiation

ICNIRP moves to protect the cell phone industry

City of Albany: California EMF resolution

EMS Sensitivity Month

Verizon wants to put a cell tower near housing for the EMF sensitive

Crippled calf and electromagnetic radiation

Mobile phones and health: what do we know?

Deception was used to explain tower

I’m allergic to wi-fi waves

Residents furious after approval for phone mast near four Crewe schools

Birmingham planners defy government to block mobile phone mast application

The case against cellular towers in Cordova

US Withheld Data on Risks of Distracted Driving

Scientists Say Wireless Electricity Chargers Only "One Year Away"

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EMF-Omega-News 18. July 2009

Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from GSM (0.9/1.8GHz) mobile phones induces oxidative stress and reduces sperm motility in rats

Some Facts about Cell Phone Radiation

High Frequency Radiation and Human Exposure

Parotid glands cancer: sharp increase

Parents in The Acreage fear possible cancer cluster

Chronically elevated cortisol levels stimulate the body to store fat

Animals living near large antenna masts become grossly deformed

Allergic to life

Diabetes and Electromagnetic Fields: The Evidence

MOBILE PHONE ALERT...and it’s not just cell phones

Dangers of Wi-Fi in Schools

Call for action to halt 'alarming' decline in bees

PATH neighbors sound alarm

Extension agreed to T-Mobile mast in Great Budworth

Councillors 'to approve' phone mast

Safety code 6 standards inadequate

Phone mast plan knocked back for third time

Protester erects fake phone mast

School wins mast reprieve

Parents mobilise against the mast

New limits on stray voltage

Does Transmission Tower Cause Cancer?

Magnetic fields test 'reflexes' of autism

Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy publishes first articles

Phone causes jet to change course

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EMF-Omega-News 11. July 2009

GABAB receptor-mediated modulation of hypocretin/orexin neurones in mouse hypothalamus

Does using a mobile phone send you mad?

Vodacom: Allegations/Suspicions in South Africa

Expert worries about exposure

'Electrosmog' is an Emerging Public Health Issue

Mobile phone use associated with increased risk of brain tumours

Cell phone poses great cancer risk

The French Green Party adopted a motion on electromagnetic radiation

Resolution adopted by the Sebastopol City Council

School Boards Ignore Evidence of Wireless Risks

Government response to school WiFi petition panned

Cheshire West and Chester councillors probe plans for taller T-Mobile phone mast in Mid Cheshire Green Belt

Fury as government inspector approves phone mast close to Birmingham school

School to fight fresh phone mast plan

Group presses for action over cell towers

CATFORD: Residents fuming over 'ugly' phone mast

25m high phone mast in Pinner suggested to fix Rayners Lane blunder

Fear of Radiation grips residents of Chateauguay

Get informed about cell phone tower issues

Residents raise phone tower fears

Antenna plan irks residents

POWERPLAY: Crossing the Lines

Pannullo pushes alternate powerline plan

MTHFR (C677T) gene and electric field links to mental problems, childhood Leukemia

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

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EMF-Omega-News 4. July 2009

Wireless Technologies Cause Harm to Children and Adults, Legislators and Journalists Are Told

Melanoma Increasing

Michael Jackson and EMF

The Cell Phone Cancer Question, Again

Multiple Medical Syndromes linked to 20 Hertz Interference

Letter to the President of Brazil from international participants at the Porto Alegre, Brazil EMF Workshop

A woman fighting the construction of a cell tower in Chateauguy, Quebec

Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man's Mind

Residents oppose Lang Toon mast

Residents celebrate phone mast rejection

Reconsider dangers of cell-phone towers

Families’ triumph on mast crusade

Willard throws wrench into power line project

U.N. Investigates Electromagnetic Terrorism

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Omega-News Collection 7. July 2009


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