Clouds were being engineered in a massive and frightening way


A friend in Cyprus has just sent me this. I believe it is urgent and very important to publicize as widely as possible what has taken place.

Best, Imelda, Cork

Yesterday for no reason I began to feel weak and very tired. My first thought was that I must have experienced EMR. You know that the UK massive military base with the sophisticated electronic sypware (part of HAARP) is nearby. In the evening I saw that the clouds were being engineered in a massive and frightening way. Yesterday morning when I was driving, there were hailstones that I was afraid would break my windscreen (remember that this is happening in ‘sunny Cyprus’).

Now, this morning (27 March) as I was typing, a sudden storm came up. It seemed the cottage was struck by a massive lightning bolt. The electricity died - the crash hurt my ears and went through my stomach. My husband was not far away in his car. He said the nearby radio station antennae had been struck and the station lost. But on the local radio news, a man who was interviewed said that that the British had created hurricanes in Akrotiri Bay yesterday and were firing grenades to stop them. It had got out of control. He had video-d it. The radio station suggested he take his material to a TV station.

I will try to find out more. You will remember the photos of the hurricanes I watched them create in Akrotiri Bay some years ago when the UK/US were entering Falujah. These were out of control, got into Limassol and destroyed some buildings. It is appalling what these eco-terrorists are doing. I would welcome the support of anyone who would help expose this.


Below is the latest email report from my friend in Cyprus regards the weather engineering there. Word must get out--so it's for general release.

Best, Imelda, Cork

[27.03.2009. Friday Night]

"The news is showing on TV just now. This time the tornado which appears on screen is at Larnaca Bay. Elderly uneducated eye witnesses are speaking and say they have never seen anything like it in their life. The tornado ended at Dekhelia military base. So it looks like they are running the system from Akrotiri to Dhekalia. This is pure and simply ecoterrorism by the UK/US military. I hope support can be got for exposing this irresponsible and reckless evil."



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