A man who suffers from MCS and EHS committed suicide in his doctor's office

ElectroHypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity is a big health problem in Italy. Some people suffering from this condition are known to have committed suicide. Recently, a man who suffers from MCS and EHS committed suicide in his doctor's office. Many of my patients suffering with MCS/EHS tell me that they want to commit suicide. Even though the EMF exposure standards are lower there is wide spread of high frequency waves through multiple antennas. Italy is a small country but the high frequency sources are too much. Now, there are wireless antennas indoors and outdoors in homes in all countries. The Italian Parliament does not advise people, as done in Germany and elsewhere, to reduce wireless use. Professor Paulo Vecchia, who works at the Italian Health Department in addition to serving as chair of ICNIRP, has told everyone here (through the newspapers, on websites, before Parliament and to the Italian government), there is no health problem associated with EMF exposure.

These suicides are murder. When WIMAX begins to operate, it will be impossible for us to live in the world, Where shall we go? Underground?

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Anna Zucchero, MD

Informant: Elizabeth Kelley

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): Desperation for a Denied Illness



I just ran across this opportunity to submit our stories of how and where we belong.

Where do people with MCS/ ES/ EHS/ CI/ CS/ whatever you want to call it/ belong?

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Note - TVO is TV Ontario, a public television broadcasting station.

Informant: Martin Weatherall



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