University cancer scare debunked

Rick Dandes
The Daily Item

Hi Rick

I have just read your story about the cancer investigation at Susquehanna University and it seems that both of the environmental investigations have been faulty. This is obvious because of this statement by the investigators: "Two types of cancer, melanoma and testicular, were more prevalent in Susquehanna alumni, but according to the report, they have no known association with environmental factors". This statement is incorrect and any qualified environmental investigator should know this!

Melanoma has been linked through scientific research to exposure of electro magnetic radiation, and in particular to FM radio broadcasting. I have attached a document titled Melanoma Incidence and (FM) Frequency Modulation Broadcasting.

Testicular cancer has been linked to electro magnetic radiation and in particular radar used by police officers. I have attached a document titled Occupational Exposure of Police Officers to Microwave Radiation From Traffic Radar Devices.

Both of these cancers are known to be caused by environmental factors involving electro magnetic radiation and that is where the investigation should have centered. You may want to ask: did the investigators consider electro magnetic radiation as a cause of these cancers and did they investigate the situation professionally?

A person knowledgeable about the adverse health effect of electro magnetic radiation, would look at the risk factors that students may be exposing themselves. I would immediately suspect laptop computers that were being used by students at that time. I would want to know if those devices were used on the victims laps or if they were used close to the body. There are two problems caused with close usage.

(1.) Laptop computers produce strong electrical and electro magnetic fields which could damage delicate areas of the body such as testicles.

(2.) Laptop computers produce strong amounts of electro magnetic radiation from the computer electronics and also from any wireless device that may be used by the computer. This radiation is likely to harm body areas closest to the computer but could also harm other areas of the body.

A qualified investigator should have checked whether WiFi systems were being used at the University or at the students residences and measured the power of the microwave radiation they emit. This is another strong source of radiation linked to both of these cancers. The investigation should also have examined whether the University or the residences have cell phone antennas or broadcasting antennas nearby that expose the students to a high amount of microwave radiation. I have attached a document titled, Five Studies which will demonstrate the extreme danger of being exposed to these antennas. You should note that all these adverse health effects occurred at exposure levels which are many times below current government safety levels.

Another consideration for any qualified environment investigator is to check at the University or the residences for any strong exposure of electrical and electro magnetic fields from wiring, electrical devices and electrical transformers. The investigator should also have checked and measured 'dirty electricity' or excessive harmonics on the electrical system at the university and residences. This is another cause of serious adverse health effects. For much further scientific information about the adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation, please see the Bio Initiative Report http://www.bioinitiative.org .

If the reported investigators have failed to conduct a thorough investigation of electro magnetic dangers, their results should be discarded and a further investigation should be ordered. A qualified expert in the field of electro magnetic fields and with specialized knowledge about harm that EMFs may cause to health, should be employed.

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall
Director WEEP - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution.

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