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A debate that doesn't go away

It's the old debate, that of mobile phones and their harmful effects. The Indian government recently decided to adopt the guidelines issued by ICNIRP, an international science body, writes M S S Murthy.

Mobile phones and cancer: the debate has been on for over a decade now without any definite conclusion. While studies show an association, albeit weak, with some types of brain tumors, an equal number of studies have failed to substantiate that claim. The latest is the warning given by Dr Ronald Herberman, Director of the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute, USA, about excessive use of mobile phones, particularly by children.



Wi-F is making us all sick: We must ban it

Sunday Express WiFi is Making Us All Sick We Must Ban It 04012009


Die französische Mobilfunkinitiative “Next-up“ hat einen britischen Zeitungsartikel (“Sunday Express“ vom 04.01.2009) auf ihre Homepage gestellt.

Anmerkung: In einigen Ländern wird Wi-fi als Synonym für WLAN //de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_Local_Area_Network benutzt.

Es geht um die Belastung und gesundheitliche Beschwerden von Anwohnern in Glastonbury und anderen Städten, die in Zusammenhang mit der Installation von Wireless Hotspots in den jeweiligen Ortszentren stehen. Während Anwohner geplagt von Schwindel, Schwitzen und extremer Erschöpfung aus Glastonbury flüchten und insbesondere Eltern ihre große Sorge um die Gesundheit ihrer Kinder in den Wi-fi belasteten Schulen machen, versichern Stadträte, dass sie die „Sicherheitsbedenken immer ernst nehmen“ würden, aber „völlig davon überzeugt sind, dass das Wi-fi Projekt für niemanden in Glastonbury ein gesundheitliches Risiko darstellt.“

Diese Aussagen kennen wir – egal welche Zeitung, in welchem Land auch immer, man aufschlägt.....

Interessant ist auch noch der kurze Anhang zum Artikel, verfasst von der Next-up Organisation. Es geht um einen Spendenaufruf, um den eigentlich Verantwortlichen für die Misere, M. Repacholi, vor Gericht bringen zu können. M. Repacholi war maßgeblich an den Studienprogrammen der WHO beteiligt, außerdem war er Vorsitzender der ICNIRP und somit verantwortlich für die verheerende Grenzwertfestlegung.

Werner Funk

Nachricht von Dr. Christine Aschermann


Empire State Radiation



Powerlines linked to leukemia in B.C. report

METRO VANCOUVER -- Living close to high-voltage power lines may produce one additional case of leukemia every two years in B.C., according to “ballpark assumptions” by B.C. Centre for Disease Control environmental health experts.

The projection by Dr. Ray Copes, director of the environmental health services division and Prabjit Barn, an environmental health scientist, is in an article headlined “Is living near power lines bad for our health?” in the November issue of the B.C. Medical Journal (BCMJ).

Government spokesman Jake Jacobs said the government was not influenced by the article when it decided to offer to buy homes along a controversial, upgraded B.C. Hydro right of way in Tsawwassen.



Gordon Campbell, House Flipper

Offer to buy power line homes is cynical, bad business.


Folks, the Campbell government seems intent on zapping itself right out of office.

I never thought I would see a government stick its finger in the electrical socket as the NDP did in 2000, but Gordon Campbell has lost it. And because he's made all the decisions himself, has no one to pass the blame to.

Let's see if I've got this right. The Campbell government gave the residents of Tsawwassen the finger (the politest metaphor I can think of) when those residents complained that BCTC overhead transmission lines exposed them to dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation.



Group Assails Project's EMFs

UPSTATE NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2009 -- A coalition of seven counties and five citizens' groups has filed testimony with the New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) saying that a proposed high-voltage transmission line will affect sensitive electronic devices such as electron microscopes and high-resolution imaging instruments at a nanotechnology center planned for the area and should not be built.

Communities Against Regional Interconnect (CARI) has long opposed the plan by New York Regional Interconnect (NYRI) to construct a 190-mile, 1200-MW electrical transmission line to meet the ever-growing elecricity demands in the southern part of the state. CARI said the preferred route for the project currently extends from Marcy to Orange County, passing through the Marcy NanoCenter site. The NYPSC has yet to determine the project's final route.



Health agency links leukemia, power lines

Vancouver Sun - British Columbia, Canada

Cecil Dunn, with a Tsawwassen group against the power-line upgrade, stands under lines along 53A Street with an electromagnetic field tester. ...



Leaving Tsawwassen

South Delta Leader - Delta, B.C., Canada

The dangers of EMF (electro magnetic fields) are world wide and you all know what the dangers are. This fight to save our community will not stop until (BC ...



Tsawwassen powerlines debate continues

News1130 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

... powerline project supplying electricity to homes on Vancouver Island. They are concerned about health risks possibly linked to electromagnetic radiation.



SDSS parents meeting to discuss power lines

Delta-Optimist - Delta, BC, Canada

The Delta school district announced last summer it hired an independent contractor to conduct periodic testing of EMF levels at the school. ...



EMF fight still on

Readings questioned Independent metering show power line levels higher

South Delta Leader - Delta, B.C., Canada

The Tsawwassen resident and long time opponent of the BC Transmission Corporation power line upgrade is keeping a record of his EMF readings and says his ...


Reading between the power lines

South Delta Leader - Delta, B.C., Canada

Assuming this is based on the very limited EMF measurements taken by Delta School District’s consultants ACM Environmental Corporation, this conclusion is ...



NDP adopts precautionary principle resolution

Delta-Optimist - Delta, BC, Canada

In the case of the already installed Tsawwassen lines, the resolution provides for regular monitoring to ensure the EMF emissions do not pose unacceptable ...


An electrifying offer from the provincial government

Vancouver Sun - British Columbia, Canada

Their complaint that the new lines increased electromagnetic field constituted a health hazard were dismissed. Medical studies supporting their claims were ...




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