An increase in EMF or an increase in magnectic field effect will cause a decrease in spin generation

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Just wanted to add some other information, if it resonates with you. All rotational systems, are in effect a balance of their electromagnectic fields and the ability to produce spin. Spin is produced by an intersecting system that pulls energy into a system and is balanced against the electromagnectic field of that system (torroidal spin generation). Dead planets do not spin. If the electromagnectic signature is shifted, ie direction or if the field intensity is changed than this will have a direct and negative effect on spin. An increase in EMF or an increase in magnectic field effect will cause a decrease in spin generation. This in and of itself will have a detremental effect on life forms and the planet. Some of this may seem obtuse, but the relationships were clearly understood and conveyed in the older pectrographic imagery, of the earlier aboriginginal peoples, ie American indians etc. The principles conveyed by the cross and the principles employed at the microscosmic level, as revealed by accupuncture treatments as an example, demonstrate that this principle is in effect and we are shutting down spin in our own fields by increasing EMF or by artifically reorienting the electromagnectic signature of our own bodies. This has a negative effect on health. As with ourselves, so we are affecting the health of the planet. Both are occuring simultaneously and need to be addressed. All of this may seem esoteric but it is not and it is affecting the foundation of life itself. Additionally molecules are frequency amplifers. DNA acts in a similiar fashion. An apt analogy would be that of plucking a violin string. Not till the string is plucked does an audible sound occur. In a similiar fashion molecules act as frequency amplifiers. Select frequencies can disrupt specific metabolic pathways or mechanisms which are centeral to life. Thus frequency selection can have a very specific impact on living organisms and the environment that they live in. Artifical induction can favor the outgrowth of pathogenic microbes. The principal is simple it is the utilization of it that characterizzes those who are using it. On one hand it can heal or destroy. This is our so called modern dilemna. Let me know what you think and if this resonates with you.

Dr. JG
Gerald Goldberg, MD


Re: Further info to add Gerald Goldberg's article
Posted by: karlmuller30
Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:21 am (PST)

To my mind, the single most critical issue in changing the scientific paradigm, is to get scientists aware of the role of light in biological organisms. I'm thinking especially of the work of Dr Fritz-Albert Popp, who has shown that DNA emits light, and these biophotons are the critical mechanism which regulates activity within the cell, among cells (the "master cellular system") and then beyond, to facilitate communication and regulation across entire ecosystems.

Viktor Schauberger the forester spoke of "horizontal ground rays" which coordinated the activities of a forest. I think this is probably identical to biophotons.

At this SABS conference in October, I was accosted by a couple of people, asking how I could be so sure that cellphones were bad. One of them said, "You seem to understand physics" (spoken in amazement), "how can you say these things?"

In the course of this little discussion, I mentioned Popp, and asked if they'd heard of him. None of them had. (These are full-time, paid, professional academic biophysicists....) I told them, go and check Popp out, and then think carefully about what you're saying.

There was a New Scientist article quite recently about how Japanese, Chinese and Russian scientists are replicating and extending Popp's work, finding exactly the same results. "Somehow" it has escaped the attention of Western scientists. Another astonishing blind spot.

Basically, living beings emit (and absorb) light in the near ultraviolet spectrum, as I understand it, and therefore harmonics of microwave signals will without question interfere with our natural biological processes. The bandwidth pattern of these biophotons corresponds to a kind of communication spectrum, not a thermal spectrum.

According to Tom Bearden, Popp showed that a single photon -- the smallest unit of electromagnetic energy -- can precipitate a chain of 10,000 chemical reactions in the cell. This really gives teeth to George Carlo's statement that "there is no threshold" for EMR effects, especially of information-carrying, coherent (fixed- frequency) radiation.

Here's a really nice summary of Popp's work. I've never read this book The Field by Lynne McTaggart, but it seems to be very important. This is an excerpt.




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