EMF-Omega-News 16. February 2008

Nature of the changes in the morphofunctional and cytochemical indices of blood leukocytes as affected by low-intensity microwaves

Cell phone radiation may change protein expression in human skin

New case study confirms increased cancer risk by portable radio radiation

Japanese Interphone Results & Finnish Cell Phone Experiment

Setup and dosimetry for exposing anaesthetised pigs in vivo to 900 MHz GSM mobile phone fields

Can Cell Phones Give You Insomnia?

Invisible fears: Neighbours worry new cellphone tower will affect their health

Panic in the beehive

Call for answers over masts

Phone masts ban extended in Muharraq

Council faces fight over phone masts

Downtown Toronto new cell phone towers present a public health threat to area residents and workers

VOTE: Call to axe phone mast

Cell Phone Towers In Disguise

Questions over Wirral phone masts blunders

Disputed West Marin cell phone tower OK'd

When the CEOs and Sales Reps get sick?

Cell tower effects: Modern communication technology could be making you sick

Mobile phones and their risks: Open Meeting

Borough’s T-Mobile phone mast appeals

Why I Don't Have A Mobile

Health effects of occupational exposure to static magnetic fields used in magnetic resonance imaging: a review

ASTHMA: link to electric meter and appliance exposures

Electricity in the Air

The death of the mobile phone tower?

Town bans "radioactive bodily trespass"

NEW TRIAL: Aaronia Spectran

Brit robots to put phone mast on moon

Impact physiologique d'un rayonnement électromagnetiques haute fréquence sur des cellules vivantes

Nîmes, le WiFi à l'école pourrait être remis en cause

Interview explicite Dr Paul Héroux et Proposition de loi France

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Omega-News Collection 16. February 2008


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