Why Are Thousands of Bats Dying?

Bat Deaths in New York, Vt. Baffle Experts

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Will electro magnetic radiation (EMR) kill all the bats and cause an ecological nightmare?

Here is another very disturbing story about how our environment is being increasingly damaged. Without research I cannot blame these thousands of bat deaths on electro magnetic radiation, from cell phones and antennas but I do have a very strong suspicion. I suspect that the immune system of the bats is being harmed by the exposure to electro magnetic radiation and the fatal illness reported is the result. Scientific research has shown that fungus growth is accelerated by exposure to EMR.

If you look at the BBC news story attached above, you will notice that is states - "They studied the bats at radar installations and found that they did not forage where electromagnetic radiation could be measured".

I have spent considerable time and effort with my radio frequency meter, trying to find a location where I could not measure radiation. Unfortunately I have not been able to find such a place (I would like to live there). What I do find, is cell phone masts and antennas erected every few kilometers, causing a blanket of radiation over the entire countryside. The poor bats, birds animals the environment and humans, are being assaulted, twenty four hours a day by dangerous microwave radiation.



Why Are Thousands of Bats Dying in New York?

Michael Hill, The Associated Press, reports: "Bats in New York and Vermont are mysteriously dying off by the thousands, often with a white ring of fungus around their noses, and scientists in hazmat suits are crawling into dank caves to find out why."



What are these bats telling us about the environment we live in?

Disease taking a toll on state's bat population



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