Breaking Through The Silence

This letter was written and sent to his list by Joe Trippi, the brilliant former campaign manager of the Dean for President campaign. He is now spearheading Change for America, a group dedicated to continuing the grassroots movement that coalesced around the Dean campaign.

All the best -- Arianna Huffington


Breaking Through The Silence

Dear Friend,

When I first read Arianna's new book I couldn't believe it. "Fanatics & Fools: The Game Plan for Winning Back America" could very well be the most important book written in 2004. Within minutes of finishing the final page I was on the phone with Arianna offering to help spread the book’s message in whatever way I could.


This isn't just another political book. If enough people get out there and read this book it could truly change America.

It got me thinking about the Dean campaign because our effort wasn't just a campaign for the presidency - it was a movement to change America.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans stood against the special interests - and stood together for the values we believe in as progressives. We showed the Democratic Party how to stand and fight and gave hope that the American people could change the way politics is done in our country.

Now the pundits wonder if the movement we started can keep going forward. They wonder if the establishment will now just slide back into doing things the established way - and ignore the new politics of participation that we fought for.

But we're not going to let that happen. We're going to push forward by advancing a bold vision for change. Arianna Huffington does that in her new book, "Fanatics and Fools." I encourage you to read it:


Great grassroots movements like ours aren't fueled by little shifts in policy or retooled versions of old proposals. And this election isn't just about George Bush or John Kerry.

It's about who we are as Americans.

We must recapture the heart of the country. We can do that by reminding the American people that we are a republic built upon taking responsibility for each other. And we can do that by putting forward a vision that embraces the values our nation was founded on; a vision that brings people back into politics - especially the 50% of Americans who don't vote.

That's why "Fanatics and Fools" is so important to the 2004 campaign Arianna understands where, as progressives and Americans, we should be headed - and how we can get there by acting together.

Her book describes how we can restore an America that lives up to the promise of our greatest leaders, from Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to FDR and Bobby Kennedy.

She sets forward a "Contract for a Better America" -- a 10-point plan of progressive principles that resets our nation's priorities, and which should become a part of the Democratic Party platform and John Kerry's campaign:


Our cause seeks to empower the people to reclaim our government. It isn't just the wrong-headed policies of George Bush that unite us - it's that for too long politicians in Washington have been hooked on special interest money, and have forgotten that the government is ours.

Arianna hasn't forgotten who owns the government, and who has the power to change it. Buy the book, read it, and join the discussion.


Then forward this email on to everyone you know, and ask them to join us. We have only just begun to take our country back.

Joe Trippi


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