On the way to the Bohemian Grove

Le Cercle and Bohemian Grove Re:Fwd: Another way to help (on the way to the Bohemian Grove)

If you are an advocate fighting for a cause, you might want to check the "money trail". It will probably leed to Le Cercle at some point. The paths is paved with "un-accountability",for the most part.

Le Cercle is a secret transnational intelligence and direct action group, that, according to all accounts, is funded by the CIA. We only know the dates and places of a handful of Circle meetings (1), which were attended by about a hundred persons at a time.Before the 1990's, it was called Cercle Violet, or initially, Cercle Pinay, in both cases after its (French) chairman. In later times, chairmanship of Le Cercle went on to the British. The Pinay Circle used to fight the spread of communism worldwide, at all costs, even in our own backyard.

The Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions

One of the 12 "club's" detailed is the Bohemian Grove

Sonoma County California is where the rich and elite of society meet every Summer at the Bohemian Grove. An all male republican mens club of billionairs, coporate leaders and politicians. Such as Bush, Enron, and the like. The Bohemian Grove Action Network has an indepth page on that at

From reformed FBI, CIA and NSA agents Evidence and documentation can be found at their web pages //www.copi.com/defrauding_america/chp_25.htm



Every one of the criminal activities within these pages, and the U.S.officials implicated in them, were protected by the deaths and false charges by Justice Department prosecutors of whistleblowers, informants, protesting citizens, and victims. Killing witnesses or informants is nothing new. But these acts have greatly accelerated within the government of the United States as the criminal acts against the American people have accelerated.

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For a better understanding of government corruption, to understand what actually happened in past government scandals and their cover-ups, and to better comprehend government corruption that has yet to surface, read the second edition of Defrauding America. This unusual 650-page trade paperback is highly documented and detailed. It was written by a former government investigator, with the assistance of numerous deep-cover CIA and other government personnel.

FBI Witch Hunt Abuse of Grand Juries to investigate various advocates and the use of criminal charges against environmental advocates ....... //fbiwitchhunt.com/

1991 Gulf War Vets "Beyond Treason" - Biological weapons,chronic illnesses, cancer and YOU ..... //www.gulfwarvets.com

Who are the criminals ?

Informant: Scott Munson


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