Will we be Homeless?

Scientists, Writers, Artists, Game designers, Photographers, Musicians, and any and all people that believe in honesty and 'Just' Causes. If you haven't already signed this Petition then I strongly urge you to do so.


You will be helping Writers to keep on writing, Singers to keep on singing, and Artists of all kinds to keep on putting out their Wonderful Artwork. You can help give us the ability to care for ourselves in our old age, to care for our Children now, and to get paid for our hard-earned work. We don't have an I.R.A., Keogh, or Pension to fall back on. What we have is our skills, and our 'Works.' We earn no Social Security Benefits on stolen works. Make the Corporations hire Talent instead of Infringing on our Rights to make the big bucks! Thievery shouldn't be paid for, it's a crime in all other areas of the Law. The Statute of Limitations allows for the theft of our livelihood. Our Retirement. Our Respect. The Royalties from our 'Works' go to support ourselves and our families. Our Children should reap the rewards after we're gone, it's their Right. The Royalties shouldn't be handed over to an unscrupulous thief just because we didn't know that it was stolen in time to file a Lawsuit. Give us back our dignity, now and in our old age. Give us back our Rights! Help me to get rid of the 3-year Statute of Limitations and allow us the Freedoms promised us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Allow us the freedom to create without fear, to care for our families, and to reap the rewards of a job well done.

Thank you and have a great day! Respectfully and sincerely,



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