From: John Curd

Date: 03/27/06 15:36:15


What do we have to do? Another awareness flier to the door of everyone on our survey or a a coverage of all the wards in Sefton asking residents to complain to their doctors if they have the linked association with mast symptoms on our flier list?

2 weeks ago around the corner in Truro Ave one of my dearest friends and entertainer was rushed to Aintree University Hospital having suffered a stroke and suspected brain tumour confidentiality has not confirmed the latter.

This week a Doctor sent a young man a few doors away from me from the Southport Hospital to the Aintree Hospital; his GP had seen him and sent him home with nothing (nad). Now diagnosed with severe weight loss and abdominal pains and worse leukaemia.

I give up I've lost 6 good friends around my house and in the 50m zone with cancer and now 2 more are affected with a stroke and leukaemia: info from cancer agencies where I have friends have commented on the increase in brain tumours locally and have presented as strokes.

Come on, we have to do something about this and get fliers out and returns on our current evidence; your comments are valuable and a report is needed.

John. A.Curd.


From: Geoff Williams

Date: 03/27/06 19:11:01

Subject: Re: ITS GONE TOO FAR! - but perhaps not far enough!


I have read your touching e-mail with great sensitivity. I discussed the situation with the Doctors at Churchtown Health Centre, only last Monday. It was an interesting session and I was simply amazed at their comments. Whilst they are mindful of the concerns of local residents, over the mobile telephone mast health issue, it seems that very few residents actually raise the matter with their GP's. For instance my own Doctor claims that I am the only patient that has discussed the matter with him and since I am looked upon as being a principal antagonist of the threat from mobile telephones, this was anticipated.Two other Doctors at the practice claimed not to have received any approaches from local residents. I find this simply amazing against the background of local publicity on the issue.

They all admitted that they have been called upon to record such instances by the GMC and HPA but are not obliged to make any comments on the risk to health at this stage. That is why Brenda Porter's report, on the Working Group's finding's, are of critical importance.We have to be a little patient before deciding our next course of action. However, what we do need is to encourage every resident to record their fears for their "well being" to their respective GP's. That is a fundamental requirement. I realise that most residents, particularly the elderly, are reluctant to raise the matter but it is important that they address their concerns with their GP, with some urgency. Clearly, there is still a lot of work to do and we have to motivate people in the community to register their concerns over the health issues. At the end of the day the health issue will be the defining factor. Perhaps we can get our message over in the press and I shall, by copy of this e-mail, ask the visitor to take appropriate action.

Geoff Williams
Trustee - Mast Sanity
Chair - SRAM.



Id also suggest that people ask to see their health records and the comments added by the dr in relation to their concerns that he mast is causing their illness… just in case the drs are “forgetting” to record it!!!




Geoff Williams.

When we all first got sick by the mast next to our house in 2003 (mast 28 meters away, beam straight into the middle of our house, we worked from home, were there, with employees 8 hrs a day, but as the house was also our home, we were there 24/7/365).

Employees were only there for 8 hrs. but still got sick, and after a few sick days at home felt fine, came back and got sick again.

So, we went to our GP and told him about every ones sickness and that it had started with the mast becoming operational and that we thought every ones ailments were due to the radiation from the mast.

He listened, told us he had never heard about stuff like this before, but he also jotted down on his pad.

But, 6 months later we had to get our medical records because of our court case against H3G, and you know what, there was NOT EVEN A MENTION of that we had seen the GP on that day.

There were no notes that we had complained about the effects of the mast on us and our employees.


So, at so, if now they at least acknowledge that they listen and RECORD what you say, it is a huge step further.

If our GP had done that, we would at least have had on record that we had come to see him about the effects it had on us.

Instead, there was nothing at all.

It did a great harm to our chance in our case.

So please keep pestering, and make sure it goes on record.

All the best.



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