Please support the request that Joe Bowman of NIOSH made for research funding on RF and ELF

Here is a request that Joe Bowman of NIOSH made for research funding on RF and ELF. Please note that it is one of the only federal agencies that wants to continue work on RF and ELF, and Joe has a long and respected history in research and policy.

The pdf attached file is Joe's outline of what RF concerns the federal US government has..... and why his office wants funding to continue to assist the public on RF wireless technology issues.


Please consider going on-line and writing a quick email supporting his research agenda (below - pasted in so you can find it quickly).

Thanks for giving it consideration.

Best regard,

Cindy Sage Sage Associates
Santa Barbara, CA

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Date: Fri Mar 3, 2006 4:40:22 PM America/Los_Angeles
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We filed this comment Friday afternoon, and requested other groups to consider sending letters of support.


Cindy Sage
Sage Associates

This is a statement of support for funding for the Non-Ionizing Radiation program. Protecting workers from the known and emerging health risks of non-ionizing radiation is a vital service. The public has counted on and received excellent information and guidance from NIOSH on non-ionizing radiation in the past, and it is imperative that this function continue. Possible health risks from EMF exposures (power-frequency 60-Hz electric and magnetic fields) continue to be a topic of great public concern. Radiofrequency radiation sources, possible health risks and choices the public may have to reduce exposures during this time of uncertainty - while the research continues - must be handled in terms of good, independent public information. NIOSH is uniquely suited, and funding should be provided for it. NIOSH's process for dispersing intramural and extramural research funds (the National Occupational Research Agenda or NORA process) needs to give a high priority for funding for continued involvement in non-ionizing radiation issues.

Respectfully submitted,

CL Sage
Sage Associates
March 3, 2006


Protecting Workers from the Known and Emerging Health Risks of Non-ionizing Radiation

Following is a presentation from Dr. Joseph Bowman given on Feb 23, 2006 to NIOSH’s Cincinnati employees, where Dr. Bowman lays out what NIOSH wants to do to keep RF education and research alive in the US. Not an easy task in the current neo-conservative environment where anti-regulation forces abound. Coming from Dr. Bowman this cannot be simply dismissed as uninformed opinion. Note some real gems sush as : “Cell phones at maximum power can expose the brain to radiation up to 97% of the current US health standard.” and: “As a rule, NIR toxicity increases with frequency. So RF radiation is more toxic, but power frequency EMF is more prevalent.”

Following the presentation is a message from Dr. Bowman that he widely circulated.

Don Maisch



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